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    Course Description

    Pre-calculus is the preparation for calculus. The course approaches topics from a function point of view, where appropriate, and is designed to strengthen and enhance conceptual understanding and mathematical reasoning used when modeling and solving mathematical and real-world problems. Students systematically work with functions and their multiple representations. The study of Precalculus deepens students' mathematical understanding and fluency with algebra and trigonometry and extends their ability to make connections and apply concepts and procedures at higher levels. Students investigate and explore mathematical ideas, develop multiple strategies for analyzing complex situations, and use technology to build understanding, make connections between representations, and provide support in solving problems.



             Notebook paper                                      Dry Erase Marker

             Graph paper                                           Red Pen

              Highlighters                                          Pencils  


    4 AAA Batteries – students must bring batteries to use the calculators. Students who have their own graphing calculator may bring it instead of batteries.


    Class Rules and Expectations

    1. Be on time.

    • 1st Tardy = Warning

    • 2nd Tardy = 10 min. detention with teacher AND parent contact

    • 3rd Tardy and beyond = Referral to Principle

    • More than 15 minutes late is an absence.


    2. Pay attention in class.

    • Ask questions when you don’t understand.

    • Cell phones, iPods, and other non-instructional items should be kept put away or they will be confiscated unless being used for instructional purposes.


    3. Complete the homework yourself.

    • Show work on all assignments, quizzes and tests. No work = no credit. Partial credit may be given for incorrect answers.

    • Getting answers from someone is not “getting help” and giving the answers to someone is not “helping,” it is cheating.

    • Copying someone else’s homework will result in a grade of zero (0) for the person who copied AND the person who let their work be copied.


    4. Come to tutoring or B.O.S. Time when necessary.

    • You must come to tutoring to be able to retest. No tutoring = No Retest


    5. Demonstrate respect for people and property.

    • Stay seated.

    • Raise your hand.

    • Use appropriate language.

    • Don’t touch other people or their things. 

    • Don’t write on or otherwise damage school property, including books, desks, and calculators.

    • Abide by the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct.

    • No food or drinks allowed in the classroom.

    Grading System

                6 weeks Grade                                   Semester Grade

    60%  -  Tests, Projects                      85%  -  6 weeks Grades Avg.

    40%  -  Quizzes, Homework             15%  -  Semester Exam


    Make-Up Work (Grade Reporting Handbook pg. 14)

    All students shall be allowed to make-up work when they are absent

    from class. Students shall have a time equal to days absent from class plus one day to complete all missed assignments. Under extenuating circumstances such as long-term illness or family emergencies, teachers will work with the student to determine the due dates for make-up work missed. Teachers may reduce the length or number of assignments as long as the appropriate TEKS are covered. Students returning to class following an absence are responsible for discussing with the teacher what is to be completed and date for such completion, along with securing necessary materials and notes. Make-up work, including tests, at teacher discretion the test may be an alternate version of the original work as long as it is at the same level of cognition and covers the identical learning target(s). Make-up tests should be administered before or after school to prevent a student from missing additional class time. At a teacher’s discretion, tests may be made up during the school day. Work, including tests, assigned prior to an absence may be due on the first return day.


    Retesting (Grade Reporting Handbook pg. 18-20)

    A student will be given the opportunity to retest within 5 school days if the student:

    1. Makes below 85 on the first test AND

    2. Attends tutoring to improve mastery of the concepts and material prior to the deadline.

    No tutoring = No Retest


    • A student will not be allowed to redo an assignment for which he/she received a zero or to retake a test for which the student received a zero. In addition, the student must have made an attempt on the initial assignment/assessment.

    • The highest available grade on the retest for a failing grade is a 70%.

    • The highest available grade on the redo/retest of a passed major graded assignment or assessment for an initial grade of 70-84 is an 85.

    • The opportunity to redo/retest on a passed major graded assignment or assessment is a one-time offering per assignment/assessment.

    • Re-teaching and redo/reassessing provisions do not apply to daily assignments, quizzes, six-weeks test given last week of six weeks, and semester final examinations.


    Late Work (Grade Reporting Handbook pg.13-14)

    • An assignment may be turned in under the following guidelines:

    o 1 school day late – maximum score is 85

     A 100 would record as an 85 (100 x .85)

     An 80 would record as a 68 (80 x .85)

    o 2 school days late – maximum score is 70

     A 100 would record as a 70 (100 x .70)

     An 80 would record as a 56 (80 x .70)

    o 3 school days late – maximum score of 60

     A 100 would record as a 60 (100 x .60)

     An 80 would record as a 48 (80 x .60)

    • No late work accepted after 3 school business days and a zero is recorded in the grade book.


    Tutoring Times

    Tutoring should be utilized to clarify concepts that were not grasped in class, to get help with homework, and to make corrections on quizzes and tests.  You may choose to attend tutoring in the morning or afternoon, whichever is most convenient.    

    Days          Morning       B.O.S. Time                             Afternoon    

      M-F          8:30-9:00     last 20 min of lunch                 4:18-5:00       


    Extra Credit is not offered.

    From time to time there may be bonus questions on tests or quizzes, but in general no extra credit will be offered.  Complete your assignments, come to tutoring, and retest when necessary and you will be successful.