• Course or Schedule Changes for the 2018-2019 School Year


    Requests for changes were made only during the May 21-25 window.

    See the Personalized Course Selection page for the details.
    We have many classes that are closed due to size.  We had some classes that did not get enough interest, so they were not included in the master schedule.  We also had many changes due to summer staffing changes.  Students are not able to make requests for specific periods or teachers

    ONLY the following corrections are allowed after the May window or when students return in August and should be resolved prior to or within the first ten days of school.**

    1. You have a period with no class in first semester.

    2. You are a senior and need to add a graduation requirement.

    3. You already have credit for the exact (not similar) class on your schedule.

    4.  You have a coach-approved athletic change (needs a coach signature).*

    5. You have a band, choir, or dance change due to try-outs (needs instructor signature).

     * After the first ten days of school, students dropping a sport must go to another sport or a PE class.

     **Schedules are still subject to change by SHS staff (even after school starts) due to course/teacher changes or class leveling.