• Seniors, please make sure to report all scholarships you have been offered (even from schools you will not be attending).  This information is reported to the district/school board.
    SHS CEEB code: 446-087 
    Please visit
    College Guidance Consultants
    See your counselor or the posted flyers at school for login information.
    Make sure you also check Career Cruising for scholarships.

    EMISD Education Foundation Scholarships

    TCC Northwest Campus Cornerstone Honors Degree Scholarship and Application

    The Education Foundation currently offers four Scholarships to the Cornerstone Honors Program at Tarrant County College Northwest campus. These scholarships cover tuition, fees and books for up two years and $ 4,500. If you are interested in the program, you can find all the information on the application process on the cover page of the application.

    Scholarship of Applied Science

    This Scholarship offers up to 64 credit hours paid at TCC. Please see application for complete details.

    Other Scholarship Opportunities

    The following scholarship application are also available for scholarship pick up:
    • Lone Star Brahmas Diana Hood Scholarship
      • Application Deadline: March 1, 2018
      • Target Audiance: high school seniors, from Tarrant County, graduating in 2018 and has already been accepted to a college or university for fall 2018. 
      • Amount: $5,000
      • http://www.lonestarbrahmas.com/scholarship
    • Pony Baseball and Softball Scholarship
      • Application Deadline: May 1, 2018
      • Target Audiance: participate in Pony baseball or softball leagues.
    • Varsity Tutors Scholarship
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