• Meet Mr. Hardy

    Welcome to my class page. I believe that we do our best when we do those things we love, so I try to pass my passion for learning on to my students.
    I have enjoyed creative art and writing ever since I wrote and illustrated my first book back in elementary school. It was bound in a piece of red and white checkered wall paper and was filled with my watercolor paintings of a baby koala bear, the protagonist of my story. Since then, my skills have evolved and I now enjoy working in a variety of mediums.
    Students will be encouraged to use a variety of skills to express themselves creatively. Whether you think you are the next Picasso or you just want to learn how to live more creatively, Art has something to offer everyone.
    An avid outdoorsman, I am often out on our local creeks and rivers, canoeing, fishing, and looking for alligators like this one I photographed nearby.
    Canoeing Buddy