• To maximize each student’s potential, both academically and socially, through an enriched and accelerated environment.


    • To develop the student’s potential in critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem solving skills.


    • To develop and enrich the student’s abilities in independent study, research skills and organizational schemata and structure.


    • To encourage each student to effectively discover the strategies and styles of learning that are most productive for his/her intellectual development.


    • To prepare each student for leadership by sharpening communication skills that will enable him/her to share his/her talents with society.
    • To assist each student in developing a feeling of self-worth



    The gifted student has the right to an educational environment where his/her gifts are respected.  The Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD believes that by identifying and serving these students through special activities and/or educational services these students will reach their potential and become contributing members of our society.

    The Elementary PACE/Enrichment Program


    PACE classes

    The PACE (Plan of Action for Curriculum Enrichment) program is for identified gifted and talented students in grades K-5.  Parent nominations for students are available at each campus office.  Teachers and parents will be notified when the nomination process is open and when the testing will take place.


    Students who qualify for the elementary PACE program exhibit very high intellectual ability in core subject areas, possess a high intellectual quotient (higher level thinking skills), score well above average on tests of reasoning and creativity, and rank high on a teacher and parent behavioral check list.  Generally, the top 5% of the student population is served.  The Elementary PACE program is served through a pull-out program for 2nd through 5th graders, and in the regular classroom for K and 1st graders.