• PACE Policies

    ·        Transfer students


    Students transferring from within the EMS-ISD are automatically placed in the PACE program.


    Students transferring in from other districts are not automatically placed in the program.  The parents are given a nomination form and records from the previous school are obtained.  Evidence of participation in a previous program is obtained and scores are placed on EMS-ISD’s matrix.  If additional testing is needed, the student will receive the testing within a 6-week period before Feb. 1st.  After February 1st, students will be considered for the next school year.



    ·        Continued Enrollment


    Qualifying students will be automatically re-enrolled each year from second through 5th grades, unless written notification from the parents is received.


    ·        Conferences


    Conferences may be requested by the parent of a PACE student at any time.


    In January, PACE teacher-parent conferences are held.  Additional conferences will be held if a student is having difficulty with the expected goals, including class work, homework, and behavior.




    ·        Probation


    Students having difficulty with assignments or behavior, in PACE or the regular classroom, may be place on probation for a time limit agreed upon with the PACE teacher, classroom teacher and parents.


    ·        Furlough


    Students who are unable to achieve the requirements of the PACE work, as well as the regular classroom work, may be placed on furlough by written request of the parent or PACE teacher.  Should the situation change, parents may, at the beginning of a semester, request readmittance to the program.


    ·        Exit


    If a student remains on furlough for two years, they will be exited from the program.  If readmittance is requested, the student will have to go through the qualification process.


    ·        Appeal


    The decision of the PACE Selection Committee may be appealed in the following manner:

    1.      A conference to appeal is requested with the PACE teachers and at least one other member of the PACE Selection Committee.

    2.    A conference to appeal is requested with the coordinator of the G/T program.

    3.    An appeal of Board Policy is presented in writing to the EMS-ISD School Board.