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  • Fish Heads are upper-class students selected to assist incoming 9th graders with their transition to high school. These students have gone through a rigorous interview and a competitive selection process. Most of the students are active in other clubs, athletics, fine arts, and advanced academic classes, and also serve in leadership roles with those groups. These students know what it takes to thrive in high school and how to get the most from the four years they have here. 
    Fish Heads are students who, due to either their own difficult or their own amazingly simple transition into high school, have an internal motivation and drive to see our incoming ninth-graders succeed.
    Fish Heads act as a source of information for new freshmen. They speak to freshmen in their Social Studies classes one or two times a month to share what's going on around campus. What are the traditions students will want to learn about and participate in? What are some simple tips and tricks of getting around a big campus? How do you know where to sit at the football games? They also teach some grown-up skills, like how does a student talk to their teacher when they think their grade is wrong?
    If you are interested in being a Fish Head, applications are available in April. Interviews are held two weeks later. Please feel free to speak to one of the sponsors or any Fish Head for more information.