Welcome to the Prairie Vista Middle School Student Council Webpage. Check for updates on our Meetings and Events tabs.  
    What is a Student Council?
    The student council is designed to be an effective means of communication between student body, administration, parents, and community. The student council will promote school pride and help build a positive atmosphere. The student council will also perform service projects that will help improve the school and surrounding community.
    How do I join Student Council?
    1.    Complete the STUCO application form  
    2.    Attend STUCO sponsored meetings and events when scheduled
    3.    Sign up for the PV STUCO Remind 101 
    What are my expectations in Student Council?
    Students are expected to meet and maintain the following expectations:

    1.      Maintain passing grades at all times
    2.     No behavior problems in school or out of school
    3.     Willing to assist other students, faculty, parents, and community members
    4.     Provide an open line of communication between student body, administration, and community
    5.     Attend all meetings and events on time
    6.     Provide a positive attitude at all times
    7.     Promote school spirit
    8.     Promote and obtain goals set forth by the Student Council in meetings