• Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD Teacher Website Standards

    Minimum Standards

    All teachers are asked to use the new Teacher Homepage template as their Overview. This template serves as a fill-in-the-blank landing page. 
    Welcome (optional) – Keep it short. Use large font size, bold optional

    Contact Info – Use normal font size

    • Name (bold)
    • Title (italic)
    • Email - highlight and copy (Crtl + C) email address, click Insert Link, click Email Address, paste (Crtl + V) email address, click Insert Link
    • Phone # with extension
    • Link to Canvas course (optional)
    • Link to social media (optional)
    • Remind subscription instructions (optional)

    Schedule – Use normal font size   Please do not use a table as these are not responsive in mobile view or digitally accessible.

    • LiiNK schools do not need a full schedule, conference & lunch period are acceptible

    Picture – insert picture of teacher or school logo

    • Set width to 150, height will auto adjust to anywhere from 188-215
    • Include descriptive alternate text. Ex. Photo of Mrs. Smith with husband and two daughters

    Teacher Bio (optional) – Use normal font size

    Click here to see a sample teacher overview page.

    Additional Pages

    These additional pages are appropriate to see on teachers' sites but not the general expectation. The additional pages include, but are not limited to:
    • Department/Team page (linked to page under Departments channel)
    • Class expectations, rules, procedures, etc.
    • Calendar - please delete if not in use

    Teachers are asked to keep additional pages limited to three. Please contact adunning@ems-isd.net if you would like assistance grouping like information into a format that supports this goal.

    Sample pages:
    Here are a few good examples from across the district:
    Anna Gode (CRE) elementary

    Best Practices
    In an effort to establish a more unified, cohesive website district-wide that is user-friendly and communicates a consistent message, we ask that you adhere to the above minimum and additional standards as well as these best practices:
    Please do not use Template styles or Headings
    Body or Paragraph Text:
    • Size: small, normal, or large
    • Formatting: Default Regular. Use Bold or Italics if necessary to accentuate text (never both).
    • Color: Black
    • Images should be an accent item on the page and should not distract from the content of the page. Alt text is required for all photos and should accurately describe the photo for screen-reading technology. Ex. Photo of Mrs. Gode and her three children
    • Cartoon/Animated images should not be used.