• Main Campus Website Standards
    Updated: Nov 2018

    To establish a more unified, cohesive website, that is user-friendly and communicates a consistent message these website standards have been created to provide a greater web presence throughout the district for parents, students, and community members. Standards have been established for the following sections of the campus websites:
    Headline images (rotators) are the first thing users see when they visit a campus website, therefore, these items need to be current and eye pleasing. Below are the minimum standards for the Headlines section of the website:
    • Rotator image size must be 1500px by 565px
    • Images must be resized before uploaded
    • Best practice - take photos in landscape view (turn phone on its side) and highest resolution is achieved with good lighting
    Campus News & Announcements
    The following are the minimum standards for this main portion of the site.
    • A maximum of four stories will be displayed at a time - with the option to view more using the side arrows (newest additions will appear first so you may need to sort for older stories that have priority)
    • Title - short and sweet
    • Include Teaser Text | One to two sentence description. (required)
    • Article - Add information to Headline Body.  This should not be left blank.
      • New option: Link - add URL, must still include description (teaser text); File - upload file, must still include description (teaser text)
    • Duration can be set to ensure outdated information is not seen on the main site

    Upcoming Events

    Upcoming events are automatically pulled from events on your campus calendar. We encourage every campus to utilize this interactive calendar to highlight different campus events and important dates.

    • Click on [Campus Name] Calendar link just under [Campus Name] Homepage link 
    • Edit Calendar app at the bottom of the page by clicking the pencil icon 
    • Click New Event or double-click the desired date 
    • Start all campus event titles with campus initials (ex. BES Math Night) 
    • Enter as much info as possible, especially time and location (either on location tab or in the description) 
    • If you would like your event to show on the district calendar, click the Post to Calendars tab and select the EMS ISD District Calendar. Note: this does not happen immediately. The district webmaster will accept events twice a week. If you need the event to post immediately, send an email to adunning@ems-isd.net to prompt webmaster to accept event. 
    Sample Campus Websites
    The following campus websites were used as examples to demonstrate the minimum campus website standards.