• Peer Assistance & Leadership (PAL)


  • PALS stands for Peer Assistance Leadership; this program is structured for students 8th through 12th grade. Students will work with at-risk kids in the Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD, by serving as mentors for these kids. These students will also be involved with Peer Mediation at their specific school site. They will be responsible for countless activities at each of their school locations and will demonstrate work on communication and leadership skills in the process. This program is designed for students to encourage other students to make more informed, responsible, and constructive decisions.  PALs are heavily involved in the needs of the community and they are required to complete service hours every six weeks. PALs develop a close and trusting relationship not only with each other but with their PALees, they will also strictly follow the rules of confidentiality among each other. Students are carefully selected by PALs sponsors, and veteran PAL students from a selection of applications, interviews, and teacher recommendations. They will sign contracts to stay drug-free, maintain passing grades in all classes, and display a positive role model image both in and out of school.