• May 12, 2020

    The latest information on the graduation ceremony is available at the Plans for the Class of 2020 Graduation page.

    Senior Year Checklist Download a PDF version of this checklist.

    All items listed below are subject to change or vary based on the requirements of specific high schools, colleges, counselors, etc. It’s advisable to stay in constant communication with all parties involved, and get ahead when possible!


    • Research your Top 10 colleges with the purpose of narrowing down to a Top 3–5.
    • Visit colleges of interest and attend college fairs.
    • Determine if you are applying for an “impacted major,” which may require higher admission standards.
    • Fill out college applications early! Some colleges need applications in by October 1st for certain housing and scholarship options.
    • Sign up and take the SAT test.  Multiple attempts will help increase your score. Register at www.collegebobard.org.  Test dates:  10/5, 11/2, 12/7, 3/14, 5/2
    • Sign up and take the ACT test.  Multiple attempts will help increase your score.  Register at www.actstudent.org. Test dates:  10/26, 12/14, 2/8, 4/4
    • See Mrs. Bradshaw in the College and Career Center to sign up for the TSI.
    • Take the ASVAB for career explorations.  It is administered at SHS on 12/13.
    • Narrow your list of potential colleges to 1–2 “stretch schools” where you might be on the lower GPA and SAT®/ACT® score average, 1–2 “strong match schools” where you meet the schools’ average GPA and SAT/ACT average, and 1 “fallback school” that you are certain you will get into.
    • Determine application options (early decision, early action, or regular decision).
    • Apply to Texas schools at www.applytexas.org and out of state schools at www.commonapp.org
    • Update résumé.
    • Ask for an unofficial transcript.  
    • Determine which AP exams you are going to take and register for those.  
    • Compute final GPA to be submitted on applications. 
    • Ask select teachers/counselors/others to write letters of recommendation.
    • Order cap, gown, and announcements for graduation. 
    • Keep your grades up and stay in challenging courses! 75% of revoked acceptances are because seniors do poorly in classes or take too light of a load!
    • G Force mentors are available every Thursday during all lunches in the College and Career Center throughout the year.


    • Students and parents apply for their FAFSA ID
    • Complete the FAFSA application and worksheet, and submit FAFSA as soon as possible.
    • Revise college essays for submission.
    • Request fee waivers from Cathy Bradshaw in the College and Career Center.
    • Submit public college applications online.
    • Submit applications if applying “early decision.” 
    • Be sure you include courses you’ve taken as dual credit or at a community college on your applications.
    • Continue filling out scholarships, with a minimum of 1 scholarship for the month of October.
    • Super Saturday 10/12 at HCTC. 
    • College Fair 10/23 at HCTC. 


    • Submit applications for private colleges/universities.
    • Research financial aid requirements and deadlines.
    • Continue filling out scholarships, with a minimum of 3 scholarships in November and December.
    • Keep those grades up! Reach out for help if you feel like you are falling behind.
    • FASFA Workshop for parents and students 11/11, 4:30 – 7:00 pm at SHS. More dates to come.


    • Make sure all test scores (SAT, ACT, AP®) have been submitted to colleges/universities where you have applied.
    • Continue filling out scholarships, with a minimum of 2 scholarships for the month of January.
    • Be sure to contact colleges early if there were unexpected changes to your class schedule.


    • Enroll and take English and Math Placement Tests for colleges. See Cathy Bradshaw in the College and Career Center to sign up.
    • Continue applying for scholarships, with a minimum of 3 scholarships for February and March.
    • Research dorm applications and deadlines.


    • At the end of March, follow up with colleges that you haven’t heard from to be sure they have everything they need (transcript, SAT/ACT scores, essays, fee waiver, etc.).
    • Attend AP study sessions and mock exams if you are signed up to take an AP exam.
    • Continue applying for scholarships, with a minimum of 2 scholarships for April. (Look into scholarships at the college/university that you plan to attend.)
    • Be sure to submit your housing application to the school that you plan to attend.
    • Research the placement tests that you will need to take (and pass) at the college that you plan to attend.
    • Were you denied admission? Don’t give up, contact the admissions office, and ask if there is an appeal process.
    • Don’t slack! Finish strong. A drop in grades is the number one reason that colleges revoke admissions (over 50%).

    May/Early June 

    • Send out graduation announcements to those you want to attend the graduation ceremony.
    • Take AP exams. Be sure test scores are sent to the appropriate colleges.
    • Look into taking college courses at a local community college (especially courses that cover any remediation or first-year classes, if you haven’t passed).
    • Be sure you send official transcripts from courses taken at the community college to the college you will attend. 
    • Order official transcripts from www.parchment.com   
    • Continue applying for scholarships, with a minimum of 2 scholarships for May. (Look into scholarships at the college/university that you plan to attend.)
    • See your physician to get a meningitis shot, as you will need this to attend college.
    • Write thank-you notes to teachers and your counselor for helping you through the process, and to anyone who gave you a graduation gift.
    • Take a day to celebrate the fact that you graduated and are one step closer to your dreams of college.
    • Notify schools that you are not attending.

    Early Summer

    • Send deposits for housing (if you haven’t already).
    • Sign up for orientation.
    • Enroll in classes 
    • Be sure you have completed and passed placement tests for English and math.
    • Send official score reports to college from ACT/SAT.
    • Continue to apply for scholarships.
    • Talk to counselor about sending final transcript to college.
    • Contact your roommate:
      • Name: ___________________ Phone Number: ___________________ Email: _________________
    • Contact financial aid office at the college that you plan to attend to be sure they have everything they need:  o Phone Number: __________________________
    • Search campus job opportunities.
    • Accept financial aid and determine if you need to accept student loans (tuition, housing, books).
    • FIND OUT HOW TO LOG IN TO CAMPUS WEBSITE AND YOUR STUDENT EMAIL. A lot of important emails may come to the new college email, and you will miss it if you aren’t checking.

    Late Summer

    • Check out campus organization, clubs, etc.
    • Be sure that AP scores are sent to college and adjust first-semester schedule accordingly.
    • Attend orientation:
      • Date: ____________________  Location: ______________________
    • Continue to apply for scholarships.
    • Set up appointment with academic advisor.
    • Get student ID card.
    • Pack. (Coordinate larger items with roommate.)
    • Obtain parking permits.
    • Determine if professors have posted syllabi and look into purchasing books.

    Early First Semester (Freshman Year of College)

    • Check out tutoring opportunities.
    • Study, study, study. (Remember that studying in college is not just doing homework; it is reading the book and reviewing your notes every day.)
    • Visit the Financial Aid Office and find out about scholarship opportunities.
    • Look into extracurricular activities.
    • Go to the Tutoring Center on campus and find out about resources.
    • Introduce yourself to your professor.
    • Follow Study Group Plan.
    • Calendar dates of homework and tests.
    • Critically read the syllabi to examine grading expectations and midterm/final projects or tests.
    • Attend at least one set of professor office hours during the first two weeks.
    • Talk with other students from your classes and share contact info (for study groups, missed classes).
    • Continue to apply for scholarships.
    • Set up a study group with students from your class (friends from dorm).
    • Check grades.
    • Set up regular study hours.
    • Reserve study group locations.
    • Locate the campus counseling department for extra support. 

    Late First Semester (Freshman Year of College)

    • Continue to apply for scholarships.
    • Prepare to re-apply for financial aid in January. (This is a yearly process!)
    • If attending a community college: Check if the classes that you are taking will transfer to your destination four-year college in your intended major (not the community college that you are attending). Talk with an admissions counselor at the destination school to determine a transfer timeline.

    (Adapted from AVID)

    Senior Sunrise has been POSTPONED to September 4 at 6:15 a.m. Rider Stadium!

    Senior Class Meeting Info - August 26, 2019

    Everything Counts!

    • Use lunch tutorials/get help when you need it
    • Writing center is available during all lunches
    • Make the most of what time is left - earn all your credits!

    The Time is Now!

    • Start applying for colleges - early acceptance is October
    • Begin FAFSA applications
    • Sign up for SAT and ACT - get help in the College & Career Center

    Senior Sunrise - August 28, 2019 6:15 a.m. Rider Stadium

    Class Dues - $40 per semester (goes toward prom), pay Miss Jessica White in Room A116

    Prom - May 23 at the Worthington Renaissance Marriott Downtown, dinner provided

    Fundraisers - others are coming, get involved

    Get updates - Twitter @2020roughriders

    Graduation - May 30 at 5:00 p.m.

    Jostens Meeting Date - September 10 during 2nd period

    • Information to order cap, gown, tassel, and invitations for graduation
    • HCTC student should go to HCTC; obtain info from Student Services later


    • More than 9 absences will result in loss of credit
    • Makeup hours - don't procrastinate! no prom attendance! no graduation!
    • Unsure if you own any? Inquire at Student Services/Attendance


    • 5th tardy - phone call to parent
    • 6th tardy - after school d-hall (2 hours)
    • 7th tardy - 1 day ISS
    • 8th tardy - 1 day ISS
    • 9th tardy - 2 days ISS

    Parent Deliveries

    • Items your parents drop off for you will be available in the front office during lunch or after school.
    • NO UBER EATS or any other food deliveries may be delivered to a student.

    School Safety

    • Standard Response Protocol
    • Exterior Doors
    • Closed Campus
    • See something, say something

    Rules of Cafe and Bistro

    • During lunch, the Cafe, Bistro, picnic tables, or tutoring are the only locations you may be.
    • To be in the Bistro during lunch, you must purchase Bistro food and drink.
    • Bistro is a privilege, not a right. You may be asked to return to the Cafe if misbehaving.
    • ID is needed for Bistro or Snack Line.
    • Limited number allowed in Bistro.
    • Must remain seated.
    • If finished, go back to Cafeteria so that other may have your seat.
    • Bistro closed last 10 minutes of lunch.
    • Bistro is a privilege, not a right. (repeated because it's IMPORTANT!)
    • Only 8 chair per round table. Don't move tables and chairs.
    • Only 4 stools per tall Bistro tables.
    • You may go to tutoring or the library with a pass.
    • Restrooms are to the left of the Cafeteria. You may not go in groups to the restroom.
    • Tell an administrator if something is wrong in the restroom.
    • Pick up your trash and push in chairs at dismissal.
    • Stay seated during lunchtime.
    • Administrators will dismiss the Cafeteria.
    • Problems = change in procedure.

    Social Media

    • Serious distraction from both learning and life
    • Be aware of posting on social media
    • No such thing as deleted
    • Cell phone use during class is for academic reasons/teacher discretion only
    • Even posts done while not a school may be dealt with by the campus
    • Pause before you post

    Dress Code

    • No sagging
    • Tank tops must be 3 finger width on the shoulders
    • No bandana/do-rags
    • No hats or hoodies
    • No belly shirts
    • Principal and teacher discretion
    • One earbud in/one ear not covered in hallways, lunch lines, and all office areas