Arrival & Dismissal

  • At Bryson Elementary we strive to provide a safe environment for our students. We also try to accommodate the needs of our parents. As part of this endeavor, we have created plans for the safe arrival and dismissal of our students that also provide the most efficient routes for our parents.  


    School doors open at 7:05 a.m. Students should not arrive at school before 7:05 a.m. In order to provide a safe arrival at school each day, we have monitored locations where students can wait for school to start. Students are able to play on the playground upon arrival in the morning as well as have breakfast. At 7:20 a.m., teachers will begin to pick up their students and walk them to their classrooms. Students are considered tardy if they are not in their classroom at the 7:30 a.m. tardy bell.


    Should a parent require early dismissal of a student, please send a note with the child or call the school at the earliest time possible so that arrangements can be made for assignments. The parent must come to the office and show valid identification. The student will be called from the classroom upon the parent's arrival. 

    Students are dismissed at 2:40 p.m. To ensure a safe dismissal all students are escorted to an exit.

    Teachers are on duty during dismissal and escort students to their vehicles. Parents who pick up students are asked to do so from the designated pick up lanes. To make dismissal as smooth as possible, parents that need to leave their vehicle for a conference with a teacher or the principal are asked to park in designated areas and not in a dismissal lane. While teachers are on duty they are responsible for many children and cannot focus on a conference at that time without compromising the safety of the children. Any children who have not been picked up are escorted to the main entrance and wait in the office. After 2:55 p.m. it is necessary for a parent to come into the school to pick up their child and sign them out.  Parents will need to present valid identification at this time.