•   Library Information
    Library Hours: 8:30-4:30 M-F
    Students may come at 8:30am with a pass from the security desk in the auditorium foyer.
    Students may come to the library with a teacher pass during class.
    Students may come during lunch with a lunch pass or student ID card. 
    Sign in and out at the front desk. 
    817-306-0914 ext. 8531
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    Book Checkout- Up to 5 books for 3 weeks; Manga/comic books up to 5 a day
    Book Fines- 5¢ per day per book up to $5.00 (not weekends or holidays). It is the full price of the book if lost.
    Printing- 4 pages free per project; Ask librarians before printing more than this.  Also ask before printing in color. Please print and come to the desk for pick up. Ask prior to printing if you have questions.
    Food and Drink- Drinks with lids or caps are permitted in the library.  Food is NOT permitted so please eat before or after visiting the library. Students with a library pass may eat in the cafeteria first or Bistro before coming to the library.
    Copy Machine – It is 15¢ per copy and self-service.  Please ask for assistance if you do not know how to operate the machine.
    Drop BoxBooks can be returned in the drop box located in the side of the circulation desk as you enter the library.
    Posterboards- We sell white posterboard for $1 
    No Gaming on the computers is allowed in our school district.
    Click Here for more information about the 2018 NTX Book Battle

    Library Vision Statement:
     The EMS-ISD library team will create inviting environments with state-of-the-art resources, facilities, and equipment
    where students, staff, and community members are actively engaged in collaborative learning endeavors.
     Library Mission Statement:
     As an integral part of the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD learning community, the library and media services program
    provides guidance, resources, and collaborative instruction for students and staff to gain 
    the skills necessary to become effective, life-long learners and ethical and creative users of ideas and information.