• Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD Teacher Website Standards

    Minimum Standards

    These minimum standards are the "best practices" teachers in the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD should establish on the "Overview" page of their personal teacher website.  The minimum standards include:
    • Name
    • Grade/Subject
    • Email address (listed and linked)
    • Phone number
    • Conference times
    • Room number
    • Class schedule
    • Photo
    • Link to classroom social media, blogs, Canvas, etc.
    • Brief welcome message 
    Click here to see a sample teacher overview page.

    Additional Standards

    These additional standards are items the district would like to see on teacher's pages, however, not the general expectation. The additional standards include, but are not limited to:
    • Meet/About [name] - teacher bio
    • Class expectations, rules, procedures, etc.
    • Calendar - please delete if not in use
    • Canvas (Secondary schools are encouraged to use Canvas)
    Sample pages:
    Here are a few good examples from across the district:
    • Monica Woods (CMS) secondary
    Anna Gode (CRE) elementary

    Best Practices
    In an effort to establish a more unified, cohesive website district-wide that is user-friendly and communicates a consistent message, we ask that you adhere to the above minimum and additional standards as well as these best practices:
    Headlines or Headings:
    • Size: H2, H3, or H4 (H1 can only be used per page and is reserved for the page name) 
    • Formatting: Bold
    • Color: A neutral color or school/campus color
    • Font: These are locked in order to keep a consistent look. 
    Body or Paragraph Text:
    • Size: 2 or 3
    • Formatting: Regular or Italics if necessary to accentuate text
    • Color: Black
    • Images should be an accent item on the page and should not distract from the content of the page. Alt text is required for all photos and should accurately describe the photo for screen-reading technology. Ex. Photo of Mrs. Gode and her three children
    • Cartoon/Animated images should not be used