• Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD Athletic Website Standards
    October 31, 2012 

    Minimum Standards
    These minimum standards are the "best practices" coaches in the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD should establish on their athletic website. The main "overview" page should include:

    Image/Header at the top of the page identifying the sport. 
    Example 1 - Athletic Sample Page
    Example 2 - CTHS Gymnastics
    Example 3 - EWMS Football
    Coaches Contact Information
    This should include all coaching staff with the exception of football. Football can choose to list just the head coach and coordinators.
    Information to be included is:
    • Picture
    • Name
    • Title
    • Email address (listed and linked)
    • Phone number
    • Twitter handle if applicable
    Other Information:
    • The only other information to be included on this page is an image/link to social media sites if applicable

    Minimum Standards - Sidebar
    These are the minimum standards that need to be listed on the sidebar. These are not the only pages that a sport can have on the side, they are just the minimum required. The additional pages include:
    Announcements | This page is where all announcements that are date sensitive should be placed.  
    Schedules | This page should provide wording about RankOne and then provide a link to all the different schedules.
    Coaches Corner | This page should be a coaches biography. It can include all coaches or just the head coach.
    EMS ISD Athletics Department | This page should "hard-link" directly to the Athletics Department website off the district page.
    Additional Standards - Sidebar
    Additional pages can be listed on the sidebar at the coaches discretion. The pages can include, but are not limited to:
    • Game Day Itineraries
    • Photo Gallery
    • Booster Club
    • Links
    • Etc. 
    Click here to view a sample athletics webpage.

    Best Practices
    In an effort to establish a more unified, cohesive website district-wide that is user-friendly and communicates a consistent message, we ask that you adhere to the above minimum and additional standards as well as these best practices:
    • Size: 3 or 4
    • Formatting: Bold
    • Color: A neutral color or school/campus color
    • Font: A "plain" font such as Arial or Times New Roman. FYI: The district site and departmental pages typically use Arial.
    • Size: 2 or 3
    • Formatting: Regular or Italics if necessary to accentuate text
    • Color: Preferably black, but another neutral color or school/campus color can be used if it is easy on the eye. For example, Saginaw High Schools colors are cardinal and vegas gold. Cardinal is easier to see than vegas gold..
    • Images should be an accent item on the page and should not distract from the content of the page. If numerous images want to be placed on a page, please create a separate "photos" page and use the photo gallery app.
    • Cartoon/Animated images should be used sparingly and should not distract from the content of the page. 

    Background Color/Patterns:

    • If a background image or color is going to be used on the page, best practice would be to use one of the school colors. For example:
    • Northbrook Elementary School
      Home of the Trailblazers
      Colors: Purple & Orange
       Boswell High School
      Home of the Pioneers
      Colors: Blue & Old Gold
      Prairie Vista Middle School
      Home of the Coyotes
      Colors: Green and Gold