librarian roles

    Information from "5 Roles for Empowering School Librarians (http://www.lrs.org/documents/lmcstudies/5Roles.pdf)
    The 21st century librarian wears many hats these days!  If you already are a librarian, then you know this first-hand!  If you are thinking about becoming a librarian, or are just curious, then see below just some of the roles we play:

    School Leader-
    This role requires "captain" sensibilities and
    certain credentials, educational background
    and training (which most of us have). 
    This person regularly meets with the principal,
    attends school meetings, sets up side
    meetings, and is usually involved in key
    committees.  It's called "being in the know"
    on campus and being "on board" with the
    decision making...Saavy?
     pirate hat
    Program Administrator-
     This role requires you to "cook up" an awesome
     library program that is stocked, staffed and
    funded. To be successful, a program administrator
    must plan, budget, report and evaluate.
    This role also requires you to work with students
    and staff, usually on a flexible schedule.  This role
    can not be "well done" without some great "kitchen"
    chef hat
    Information Navigator-
    There's nothing like being the "queen"
    of information!  This role requires
    selection of print, nonprint, and
    electronic resources to support the
    students with their curriculum needs
    and help them to meet state standards.
    Helping others find the "jewels" in the
    wealth of information out there, as
    well as evaluating and applying them
    is one of the best roles we can play!
    princess hat

    Technology Facilitator-
    This role requires you to get database
    "licenses while building" a great technology
    program.  Finding and identifying free,
    authoritative online resources is just one
    of many tasks.
    This role requires "building bridges" between
    students and staff, curriculum and instruction,
    and technology resources.
    construction hat
    Collaborative Teacher and Learner-
    In order to "graduate" to the next level
    of learning, you must collaborate.  This role also
    requires you to teach learners to be teachers
    and to teach teachers to be learners.
    This role also requires you to be a "master" of
    collaboration with other librarian,s all the way up
    to the national level.
    graduation hat

    These are the five most recognized roles of today's librarians. 

    Is that all of the hats we wear? No!!  Some other hats we put on because we want to,
    but then some are forced on us and they really do not fit.  The librarian role is probably
    one of the most misunderstood roles in education today.  If you ask someone who is not
    a librarian and does not spend time around one, they think all we do is read books, check
    them out to others, and say "Shhhhh!"...
    Just as an example, if you would like to see my own self report from the last few
    years as a high school librarian, please click on this link: