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  • Educational Services Division Mission & Beliefs

    Below are the shared statements from our Directors’ PLC as to our fundamental convictions, values, and character and how we will operate in carrying out our mission and the mission and beliefs of the school district.

    Our Mission: The mission of EMS ISD is to foster a culture of excellence that instills a passion for a lifetime of continuous achievement in every student.

    Our Beliefs: Creating and sustaining the beliefs, values, and purposes of the organization will create a framework from which quality decisions can evolve and promote positive learning experiences for all stakeholders.  We believe…

    • Learning is the fundamental purpose of our organization and all practices will be examined in light of their impact on learning.
    • Working together is essential to the achievement of our collective purpose.  We will cultivate a collaborative culture through the development of high-performing teams.
    • Our effectiveness is assessed on the basis of results.  We will seek relevant data and information and use it to promote continuous improvement and achievement for all stakeholders.

    Our Strategic Parameters and Operating Principles:

    • We value the uniqueness of every student’s development and are mindful of the fact that they are the primary focus of our attention and the beneficiaries of our work.
    • We expect our relationships to be based on trust, integrity, and mutual respect, and we will communicate in an honest and respectful manner.
    • We are a learning community and we will encourage all individuals to enhance their personal and professional growth through a wide variety of experiences.
    • We believe that collaboration, effective listening, and a willingness to acknowledge constructive criticism improves the outcome of our decision-making.
    • We acknowledge, accept, and promote that responsibility and accountability are indivisible.
    • We are members of a value-driven organization and we strive for continuous improvement and welcome the challenges brought about by change.
    • Developing teams that have a high commitment to team efforts will require building a community of leaders who function interdependently as individuals and teams.
    • We will foster an environment that encourages and rewards proactive problem solving and the exercise of common sense and independent judgment.
    • Capitalizing on the expertise and commitment of individuals and teams will empower them appropriately.
    • Decision making should occur as close to the point of implementation as possible.
    • Building into the system feedback loops throughout the organization will assist in aligning structures, systems, and strategies to ensure quality.
    • We recognize that there are positions with differing degrees of responsibility, but all individuals are of equal importance.
    • We are stewards of significant human and monetary resources and will manage them in ways that most efficiently and effectively support the mission of our school district.