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Saginaw High School teachers rewarded for innovative teaching

The Education Foundation awarded teaching grants this week to two deserving teachers at Saginaw High School. Each year teachers have the opportunity to apply for educational grants to equip their classrooms and instruction with the tools needed to maximize quality of education. These two innovative teachers were rewarded for their efforts to foster a culture of excellence in their classrooms.

presentation of grant check to denise bennett by ali surface and dr chadwell

Denise Bennett received $878.00 for her Aquaponics and Towering Garden initiative. Bennett has been able to purchase a garden towering system and materials needed to make a small space growing system. Students will see how food production in a small space is something they can do at home and have access to an instant meal/snack when food growth is complete.

presentation of grant check to christopher brown by ali surface and dr chadwell

Christopher Brown received $758.88 for his Flipped Classroom initiative. Brown has been able to purchase 12 tablets for his flipped chemistry class. The students use the tablets to watch prerecorded lectures or short videos that help them learn new material. This allows students to move through the class learning objectives at their own pace. Once a student has mastered a learning objective, they can move on to the next one. The tablets also free up the teacher to provide in-class support to students who are struggling academically by keeping other students who do not need as much help engaged and learning. 

Visit the Education Foundation website for more information about employee teaching grants as well as employee scholarships for continuing education.