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56 trophies awarded to EMS students at annual PTA Reflections Contest


Congratulations to all of the students who participated and received awards in the 2019 PTA Council Reflections Contest. Winners were honored during a special awards ceremony on Monday, January 14, at the Hollenstein Career and Technology Center. The 2019 Reflections theme was "Heroes Around Me" and categories included visual arts, musical composition, film production, dance choreography, photography, and literature.

EMS ISD had students from 11 campuses participate in the event and winning entries from each campus advanced to the awards ceremony where 56 trophies were awarded. The winner of each category, the Award of Excellence, has advanced to the State PTA Level.


Intermediate Film Production

Award of Excellence: Reese Dimmitt-Bryson

Award of Merit: Garrison Goodner-Saginaw, Katelynn Moore-Willow Creek, and Zach Coon-Eagle Mountain

Honorable Mention: Evelyn Morrell-Comanche Springs and Patrick Titus-Greenfield


Intermediate Musical Composition

Award of Excellence: Abbey Munk-Eagle Mountain


Intermediate Dance Choreography

Award of Excellence: Alexandra Hunter-Willow Creek

Award of Merit: Anya Field-Greenfield and Claire O’Connor-Eagle Mountain

Honorable Mention: Arden Denney-Willow Creek


Intermediate Photography

Award of Excellence: Kathleen Korte-High Country

Award of Merit: Josey-Kate Reid-Saginaw, Ethan Ramirez-Eagle Mountain, and Brooke Lacewell-Eagle Mountain

Honorable Mention: Dane Ramsey-Comanche Springs and Trevor Smasal-Chisholm Ridge


Primary Photography

Award of Excellence: Sawyer Farley-Comanche Springs

Award of Merit: Elijah Mier-Greenfield, Logan Stark-Parkview, and Tanner Alexander-Eagle Mountain

Honorable Mention: Lilian Keller-Saginaw


Intermediate Literature

Award of Excellence: Isabella Stephenson-High Country

Award of Merit: Brady Excamilla-Greenfield, Sumena Nair-Comanche Springs, and Corinne Kested-Eagle Mountain

Honorable Mention: Caroline Dreese-Willow Creek and Reagan Baker-Saginaw


Primary Literature

Award of Excellence: Hunter Hill-Saginaw


Intermediate Visual Arts

Award of Excellence: Sophie Cuellar-Eagle Mountain

Award of Merit: Benjamin Robinson-Comanche Springs, Kourtney Perez-Lake Pointe, Keeley DeCorte-Eagle Mountain, John Hobbs-Bryson, Katelyn Bentley-Willow Creek, Phoebe Caldeon-High Country, Kaitlynn Sloan-Eagle Mountain, Peyton Rhodes-Eagle Mountain, Karsen Brandon-Comanche Springs, Elijah Keller-Saginaw, and Paige Werner-Greenfield

Honorable Mention: Golden Keo-Gililland, Levi Tejeda-Parkview, Olivia Miller-Parkview, Noah Riggs-Comanche, Samuel Phanyavong-Gililland, Carson Rhodes-Eagle Mountain, Cassidy Felipe-Gililland, Jonah Fraire-Comanche, and Colin Nicholson-Chisholm Ridge


Primary Visual Arts

Award of Excellence: Micah Beene-Saginaw

Award of Merit: Mason Spratt-Eagle Mountain, Gabriel Buonfiglio-Bryson, and Lauren Schaefer-Willow Creek

Honorable Mention: Liam Allen-Comanche Springs and Sam Barrett-Chisholm Ridge

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