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Willow Creek Elementary library pedal stations featured in School Library Connection magazine

Willow Creek students read books in the library while using pedal stations.

Willow Creek Elementary's library was featured in School Library Connection's article "Healthy Minds and Bodies: Exercise Bikes at the Library" this week for their pedal stations set up for students to use while reading.

Lori Wallis, Willow Creek Librarian, submitted her idea to to find funding for the stations. The stations are set up in front of five chairs in the library against a wall. 

"I noticed some students were choosing to spend their time in the library reading, rather than going outside to run and play," Wallis said. "I wanted to find a way to allow them to read, but also give them a way to move and burn energy. I am pleased with how the peddling station has impacted our community. Not only is it getting used during recess time by students, but also parents, substitutes, and staff have been seen taking a break there. It has become a very popular spot."

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