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10 HCTC students advance to SkillsUSA National Contest

Ten Hollenstein Career and Technology Center students will compete at the SkillsUSA National Contest in Louisville, Ky., June 22-28, after placing first at the SkillsUSA State Contest April 4-7 in Corpus Christi. 

Students competed in events related to their HCTC coursework in the areas of Culinary Arts and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Welding, Cosmetology, Information Technology, Robotics, Automotive, Animation, and Graphic Arts. The students represented EMS ISD well bringing home ten first place, nine second place, and two third place medals from the State Contest. 

Congratulations to the students and their advisors on their outstanding accomplishments and best of luck at nationals!  
State Results
First Place Advancing to Nationals
Ferner Moreno, CTHS senior - CNC Technician
John Pickrell, CTHS junior - CNC Technician
Caleb Coon, SHS junior, and Jace Andres, CTHS junior - Mechatronics (Team)
Joseph Vazquez, CTHS senior, and Mallory Grooms, CTHS sophomore - Robotics-Urban Search and Rescue (Team)
Brandon Bradley, CTHS senior, and Jadon Harvey, SHS senior - Robotics and Automation (Team)
Mark Meza, SHS senior - Internetworking
Raul Orduna, SHS senior - Culinary Arts
Second Place
Stephanie Munoz, SHS senior, and Cole Eaton, BHS senior - Robotics and Automation (Team)
Alexander Jennings, SHS senior, and Eric Sanders, SHS senior - Additive Manufacturing (Team)
Kriston Dempsey, CTHS senior, Joclyn Aguirre, CTHS senior, Jordyn Leos, CTHS senior, Tiffany Nguyen, CTHS senior, and Nataly Luna, BHS senior - Cosmetology Quiz Bowl (Team)
Third Place
Tiffany Nguyen, CTHS senior - Cosmetology Skills
Danna Ayers, BHS senior - Nail Care
HCTC Teachers/SkillsUSA Advisors:  
Demetrius Anthony – Manufacturing 
Matt Tucker – Manufacturing and Robotics 
Katie Natale – Culinary Arts 
Aaron Pearson – Culinary Arts 
Sheree Davis – Cosmetology 
Chera Giles – Cosmetology 
Geoge Karr - Welding 
Ernie Cruz – Automotive Technology 
Ian Dunaway – Automotive Technology 
Michael Richey – Information Technology 
Johannah Edwards – Graphic Arts 
Aaron Hudspeth – Animation and Architecture 
Jorge Garza – Video and Audio Production 


SkillsUSA District 4 Results

Hollenstein Career and Technology Center (HCTC) students participated in the SkillsUSA District 4 contest held February 22 & 23 at Texas State Technical College in Waco.  Students competed in events related to their HCTC coursework and represented the district and their high schools by bringing home 62 medals with *37 students advancing to the state SkillsUSA competition in Corpus Christi April 4-7, 2019 .

SkillsUSA provides educational programs, events, and competitions that support career and technical education (CTE).

Congratulations to these students who earned medals and their advisors on their outstanding accomplishments. Best of luck at state!
3D Visualization & Animation (Team)
*Kaleb Potts SHS
*Morgan Boerner CTHS
*Peyton Turpin SHS
*Peter Nguyen SHS
Alejandro Montenegro SHS
Molly Ramon BHS
Mobile Robotics Technology (Team) 
*Christian McClain CTHS
*Madison Johnson SHS
CNC Turning   
*John Pickrell SHS
Robotics and Automation (Team)     
*Brandon Bradley CTHS
*Jaden Harvey SHS
*Stephanie Munoz SHS
*Cole Eaton BHS
CNC Technician
*Ferner Moreno CTHS
Additive Manufacturing (Team)        
*Alexander Jennings SHS
*Eric Sanders SHS
Automated Manufacturing Technology (Team)        
Christopher Dedes CTHS
Jaime Benavides CTHS
Alana Oakes BHS
Mechtronics (Team)  
*Jordan Vanvalkenburg SHS
*Caleb Coon SHS
Urban Search and Rescue (Team)     
*Joseph Vazquez CTHS
*Mallory Grooms CTHS
CNC Milling
Sebastian Torres CTHS
*Hayden Glass BHS
*Blake Yeager CTHS
*Mark Meza SHS
Computer Maintenance
Luke Dunning SHS
Automotive Service Technology        
*Tyler Herrman CTHS
Joshua Mork BHS
Automotive Tool ID   
*Tyler Herrman CTHS
Motorcycle Service Technology        
Connor Payne CTHS
Auto Quiz Bowl (Team)          
Connor Payne CTHS
Joshua Mork BHS
Duy Nguyen SHS
Leo Rentana SHS
Tyler Hermann CTHS
Cayden Stevens BHS
Mobile Electronics Instation  
Leo Rentana CTHS
Culinary Arts  
*Raul Orduna SHS
Restaurant Service
*Limarie Lappost CTHS
Valerie Veloz BHS
Commercial Baking
*Sivannah Stephens SHS
Alexis Manzo SHS
Welding I        
*Ross Sanders SHS
Welding Fabrication Team
Enrique Acosta CTHS
Abraham Moreno CTHS
Luis Navarro CTHS
Cosmetology Skills     
*Tiffany Nguyen CTHS
*Alyia Eilers SHS
Nail Care        
*Danna Ayers BHS
Davi Ramirez SHS
*Ericka Aguirre BHS
*Jazmine Diaz SHS
Tatianna Bautista SHS
*Kriston Dempsey CTHS
Cosmetology Quiz Bowl (Team)        
*Kriston Dempsey CTHS
*Joclyn Aguirre CTHS
*Jordyn Leos CTHS
*Alyssa Hamm CTHS
*Nataly Luna BHS        
*Sydney Pinto SHS
HCTC Teachers/SkillsUSA Advisors: 
Demetrius Anthony – Manufacturing 
Matt Tucker – Robotics 
Katie Natale – Culinary Arts 
Aaron Pearson – Culinary Arts 
Jorge Garza – Audio/Video Production  
Sheree Davis – Cosmetology 
Chera Giles – Cosmetology 
Ian Dunaway – Automotive Technology  
Ernie Cruz – Automotive Technology 
Michael Richey – Information Technology 
George Karr – Welding 
Johannah Edwards – Graphic Arts and Animation 
Aaron Hudspeth – Animation and Architecture