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Trending Topics: Internet Safety

As some of you may be aware, there has been national and international media coverage lately about a dangerous internet challenge known as “The Momo Challenge.” Allegedly, Momo targets young children through online applications like YouTube, Minecraft, WhatsApp, etc., and sends them instructions to complete a series of increasingly bizarre and dangerous tasks. While there are reports that the threat of the Momo Challenge may be overstated, we felt it important to use this as an opportunity to have intentional conversations with our kids about what they encounter online.

EMS ISD Counseling is here to partner with you and your child throughout their academic and social-emotional school experiences.  We are committed to providing you with guiding information and support.  We are aware that some of these online “challenges” are harmful and require that we be open and available to our children so they can talk to us when they come across threatening information on the internet.  It is also important to note, sites like Youtube will take content down if it is reported, so we encourage parents to always report questionable content.

Resources for parents for online safety:

Parent Zone

Ultimate Guide to YouTube Safety


EMS ISD Internet Safety Notebook

Should you have any questions about this recent "challenge" or any other online safety concerns, please feel free to contact any member of your child's school administrative team or counseling staff immediately.