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Meet EMS ISD's 2019 Valedictorians and Salutatorians

Congratulations to the Saginaw, Boswell, and Chisholm Trail High School Valedictorians and Salutatorians! Each of these students will take center stage at the Fort Worth Convention Center on Friday, May 31, to commemorate their achievements. We are #emsproud of each of you and your commitment and dedication to academic success!


Saginaw High School Graduation - Friday, May 31, 10 am

Saginaw High School Valedictorian |  Kasey Andrews

Kasey Andrews portrait

Kasey Andrews has attended EMS ISD schools since kindergarten. Andrews attended High Country Elementary, Highland Middle School, and Saginaw High School. Andrews' parent is Jennifer Andrews. 

"My best EMS ISD memory was freshmen year when the marching band placed first at a contest. Everyone was so happy and excited, and the air was electric. It was so rewarding to see all of our hard work had finally paid off."

Andrews has been a member of band, National Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, Spanish Club, and Environmental Club. Andrews received an Honor Award for physics and band and was Saginaw HS Student of the Month in January. Outside of school, Andrews has performed 100 volunteer hours. 

Andrews plans to attend Texas A&M at College Station to major in bioenvironmental science. 

"After college, I would like to work in conservation or research the environment. And, potentially owning my own environmentally focused business one day."

Andrews said that elementary PACE teacher Ms. James was one of the best teachers. 

"She provided the greatest class atmosphere for learning and helped me realize my love of learning and problem solving. Without her class, I might have never known how fun learning could be."

Andrews will take the stage on Friday as Saginaw's 2019 Valedictorian.

"Becoming Valedictorian not only acts as a stepping stone for the future, but also proves to myself that I can truly do anything I set my mind to." 


Saginaw High School Salutatorian | Cedric Malone Fajardo

Cedric Fajardo portrait

Cedric Fajardo has attended EMS ISD schools since kindergarten. Fajardo attended Greenfield Elementary School, Prairie Vista Middle School, and Saginaw High School. Fajardo's parents are Ruth Kress and Julio Fajardo. 

"My best EMS ISD memory has to be the time the Spirit of Saginaw Marching Band won first place at a contest in 2015. The energy and excitement was unforgettable as our school name was called for first place. I was very proud of our band and school, in that moment, and throughout high school."

Fajardo has been a member of National Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, HOSA, and the basketball team. Outside of school, Fajardo is a regional youth group committee leader, a church-sponsored seminary graduate, and seminary class president. Fajardo works at Whataburger and as a math tutor at Mathnasium. 

Fajardo plans to attend Brigham Young University to major in biology. 

"My goal is to become an optometrist or ophthalmologist."

Fajardo said that math teacher Emily Kelly was one of the best teachers. 

"She is always prepared and knowledgeable. She explains things thoroughly and goes out of her way to provide each and every student with the help they need to succeed. She simply cares about everyone and shows it."

Fajardo will take the stage on Friday as Saginaw's 2019 Salutatorian.

"Being the Salutatorian is a huge honor that will help me in my future goals because it stands as a testament to what hard work and perseverance can do. No matter what challenges I face in the future, I know I can overcome them just as I was able to overcome challenges in high school and still be successful."


Boswell High School Graduation - Friday, May 31, 1:30 pm

Boswell High School Valedictorian | Greyson Cade Barngrover

Greyson Barngrover portrait

Greyson Barngrover has attended EMS ISD schools since kindergarten. Barngrover attended Bryson and Remington Point Elementary Schools, Creekview Middle School, and Boswell High School. Barngrover's parents are Chris Barngrover and Missy Barngrover.

"I'm overwhelmed by small talk and large crowds, but that only meant the company I did keep was deliberate and dear. I remember my kindergarten friend at Bryson, my best friend for my years at Remington, a few friends made in the PACE program there, kind faces in the blur of hard times from my middle school years, the formation of my very own friendship triad at Creekview, and the eventual helping hands of those who were equal parts mentor and friend at Boswell, who helped me to pull myself from the hole I'd spent so many years digging. I haven't the best memory when I'd like to, but generally I think most fondly of the memories of mine I shared with valued company."

Barngrover has been a member and Co-President of Genders and Sexualities Alliance. Outside of school, Barngrover's hobbies include knitting and crocheting. 

Barngrover plans to attend UT Austin to major in mechanical engineering. 

"My career goals are to become to powerful to stop. I have a lot of saving I'd like to do, and I'd like to have the skillset to pull it all off."

Barngrover said that English teacher Brandi Bookmiller was one of the best teachers. 

"My freshman and junior year English teacher, Mrs. Bookmiller, was very special to me for her indiscriminate kindness. She's stronger than a lot of us."

 Barngrover will take the stage on Friday as Boswell's 2019 Valedictorian.

"Obviously there are the lessons this sort of honor teaches all who receive it, and so most anything I learned or could relay would be something that has been heard before. However, one lesson did surprise me, and so – though it's a smaller, less impactful lesson – it is that odd lesson I wish to share. Honors like this are just that – honors. You earned the spot you have and your work is being honored. But it isn't the act of being honored, the presentations, the ceremonies, that bring you honor. The ceremonies and the showmanship carry meaning and convey the pride of others in your achievements, true, but they serve more to provide a space for others to celebrate as they need, not to bring your honor. The honor truly comes in those quiet moments alone, late at night, when even the bugs have all gone to sleep and your only company is the light the stars have poured across your floor, and it hits you slowly at first and then all at once: you've arrived. You are no longer the work in progress, the start of someone else, but the product of all you've done. You're here. And the honor you have is what you've won for yourself."


Boswell High School Salutatorian | Cassidy Diane Fielding

 Cassidy Fielding portrait

Cassidy Fielding has attended EMS ISD schools since kindergarten. Fielding attended Eagle Mountain Elementary, Wayside Middle School, and Boswell High School. Fielding's parents are Vanessa Fielding and Charles Fielding.

"One of my best EMS ISD memories was winning the fifth grade Spelling Bee at Eagle Mountain Elementary." 

Fielding has been a member and Secretary of Boswell Gold Standard, a member and President of National Honor Society, and a National Art Society member. Fielding played on the Lady Pioneer volleyball team for two years. Field received Pioneer Excellence Awards in AP Spanish IV and AP Calculus AB. Outside of school, Fielding has participated in Fort Worth Fire Club Volleyball and was named Fort Worth Fire 16U Defensive Player of the Year in 2018. Fielding also plays guitar, sings, and volunteers. Fielding has volunteered at Community Link Mission, Lighthouse Fellowship, Eagle Mountain Elementary, Lake Pointe Elementary, the Trinity River Trash Bash, and Faith in Action.

Fielding plans to attend Texas A&M University - College Station to major in visualization in the College of Architecture. 

"I hope to create meaningful advertisements and visual motivations that push my community to recognize and combat some of the most crucial issues in our society today such as plastic pollution, animal extinction, and the global water crisis."

Fielding said that Spanish teacher and coach Chris Hudson was one of the best teachers.

"He's intelligent, down-to-earth, and relatable. He splits his teaching between English and Spanish evenly, and tries to give genuine examples of his own life to help students recognize and understand words and phrases, while also teaching them how to lead an impactful life."

Fielding will take the stage on Friday as Boswell's 2019 Salutatorian.

"The study habits, time management skills, and leadership opportunities I've gained while in school will help me achieve my goals after high school." 

Chisholm Trail High School Graduation - Friday, May 31, 5 pm

Chisholm Trail High School Valedictorian | Morgan A. 

Morgan A. has attended EMS ISD schools since kindergarten. Morgan attended Greenfield Elementary School, Ed Willkie Middle School, and Chisholm Trail High School. 

"I fondly remember making crafts and eating snacks with my classmates at Greenfield Elementary." 

Morgan has been a member of HOSA and medalled third place at the area HOSA contest and first place at the state HOSA contest. Morgan also competed in the HOSA international competition. Morgan has also been a member of National Honor Society and Gold Standard. Morgan competed in the VASE art competition medalling twice. Outside of school, Morgan participates in Questbridge and was a National College Match Finalist.

Morgan plans to attend Emory University to major in biology (pre-med) with the goal of becoming a doctor. 

Morgan said that Social Studies teacher Amy Stiles was one of the best teachers. 

"Mrs. Stiles is the hardest worker I know of. Her dedication to her career as an educator and consistently positive outlook has served as something I look up to and aspire to imitate."

Morgan will take the stage Friday as Chisholm Trail's 2019 Valedictorian.

"I believe that becoming the Valedictorian has solidified a hard work ethic in me. This work ethic being the number one skill I believe will serve me the most in all aspects of my future life."


Chisholm Trail High School Salutatorian | Natalie Adele Bartine

Natalie Bartine portrait

Natalie Bartine has attended EMS ISD schools since kindergarten. Bartine attended Greenfield Elementary School, Ed Willkie Middle School, and Chisholm Trail High School. Bartine's parents are Scott Bartine and Vickie Bartine. 

"My best EMS ISD memory was having Mrs. Amber Wheeler for AP English. Because of her class, a smile remained on my face all year long."

Bartine has been a member of National Honor Society, Gold Standard, band, cross country, and swimming. Bartine advanced to region in swimming and region and area in band. Bartine also was an AP Scholar with Distinction. Outside of school, Bartine participates in club swimming, MYAC Council, political conventions, and works at Righteous Foods. 

Bartine plans to attend Trinity University to major in economics and public policy. 

"My goals include to pursue a career in either law or politics, hopefully running for office at some point." 

Bartine said that Social Studies teacher Amy Stiles was one of the best teachers.

"She was encouraging to every student. She made an effort to understand and cater to my goals, while simultaneously being exceptionally knowledgeable in her subject area." 

Bartine will take the stage on Friday as Chisholm Trail's 2019 Salutatorian. 

"Becoming Salutatorian has taught me the effort required to achieve academic excellence. Because of this, I will always expect academic excellence from myself."