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Thank you Veterans!

Students and staff of EMS ISD honored veterans on Friday, November 8, and Monday November 11, 2019. We thank all veterans for their service. Another big thank you for all those veterans who shared their time and experience with our students.

Remington Point Elementary started celebrating early on Friday.  Students were greeted at the door by military members and then shared "Pastries with Patriots".  

veteran smiling with young son in cafeteria     Military veteran hugged by daughter    man in uniform opens door for students    

Eagle Mountain Elementary School's program included speakers from the military, performances by the choir, and handmade gifts given to each veteran. Four generations of the Bode family attended the assembly, including their great-grandfather who is a WW2 veteran. 

Choir members with their hands over their heart sing the National anthem    Military man in flight suit speaks to elementary kids in a gym    young boys hands a bookmark to veteran    Four generations of the Bode family pose


Wayside Middle School invited veterans to speak in several classrooms.  They ended the day with a program.  Veterans were introduced by students and enjoyed performances by the choir and band.

female student shakes hand of WW2 veteran    uniformed Marine stands with his son and wife    Two uniformed military member are flanked by middle school students

Bryson Elementary school invited veterans and families to breakfast and a 5th grade program with the Boswell High School Color Guard presenting the flags.

Boswell high school color guard    large group of 5th graders sing to vterans


The Dozier Elementary School Honor Choir sang to veterans. 


 To see how our other campuses celebrated, visit their Facebook and Twitter pages. Social media directory