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Students honored in PTA Council Reflections Art Contest

Shawn Bell, Fine Arts Director awards trophy to young man at Reflection Art Contest   girl stand in front of whale painting holding two trophies   art work displayed on wooden steps

Congratulations to all the students who participated and received awards in the 2020 PTA Council Reflections Contest. Winners were honored during a special awards ceremony on Tuesday, January 28, at the Hollenstein Career and Technology Center. The 2020 Reflections theme was "Look Within" and categories included visual arts, musical composition, film production, dance choreography, photography, and literature.

EMS ISD had students from 11 elementary campuses participate in the event and winning entries from each campus advanced to the awards ceremony, where 70 trophies were awarded. The winner of each category, the Award of Excellence, has advanced to the State PTA Level.

District Fine Arts Director Shawn Bell presented the awards to each winning student during the ceremony, and Principals and Assistant Principals were on hand to cheer on their students along with a room full of proud parents and family members. Special thanks to the Reflections awards committee and the PACE teachers in EMS ISD for their support and participation in the annual contest.


Intermediate Film Production

Award of Excellence: Caroline Dreese (Willow Creek)

Award of Merit: Meya Marquez (Gililland) and Anthony Mendes (Greenfield)

Honorable Mention: Garrison Goodner (Saginaw) and Arcadia Guidry (Comanche Springs)


Primary Film Production

Award of Excellence: Mathew Michel (Eagle Mountain)


Intermediate Musical Composition

Award of Excellence: Megan Brown (Greenfield)

Award of Merit: Meeka Brown (Dozier) and Kyle Johnson (Bryson)


Primary Musical Composition

Award of Excellence: Miranda Garcia (Bryson)


Intermediate Photography

Award of Excellence: Harley Hoschar (Bryson)

Award of Merit: Kaitlyn Bentley (Willow Creek), Ryan Goodner (Saginaw), Elliot King (Greenfield), Kateland Martin (Eagle Mountain), Payton Mitchell (Dozier) and Milo Thomason (Comanche Springs)

Honorable Mention: Justin Curtis (Gililland), Aiden Kelley (Eagle Mountain) and Kate Korte (High Country)


Primary Photography

Award of Excellence: Edisyn LaSalle (Comanche Springs)

Award of Merit: Emma Bullock (Bryson), Elijah Miller (Greenfield) and Levi Murrell (Eagle Mountain)

Honorable Mention: Landon Burleson (Saginaw) and Lucas Grams (Dozier)


Intermediate Visual Arts

Award of Excellence: Juliet Williams (Dozier)

Award of Merit: Micah Beene (Saginaw), Kaitlyn Bentley (Willow Creek), Nina Blankenship (Eagle Mountain), Kevin Green (Gililland), Ruby Ochoa (Dozier), Dane Ramsey (Comanche Springs), Kaitlynn Sloan (Eagle Mountain)

Honorable Mention: Gabriel Buonfiglio (Bryson), Sydney Evang (Lake Pointe), Olivia Harvey (Comanche Springs), Elijah Smith (Eagle Mountain), Eva Walker (Elkins), Ezra White (Greenfield) and Cager Wiggins (Eagle Mountain)


Primary Visual Arts

Award of Excellence: Will Van Dine (Dozier)

Award of Merit: Sawyer Farley (Comanche Springs), Iva Hanft (Elkins), Garen Palmer (Comanche Springs), Emmie Rhodes (Eagle Mountain), Mia Thompsen (Greenfield) and Taelyn Weaver (Saginaw)

Honorable Mention: Emerson Bellucci (Willow Creek), Madelyn Birdwell (Dozier), Emma Calderon (High Country), Paisley Mahaffey (Bryson) and Emerson Smith (Eagle Mountain)


Intermediate Literature

Award of Excellence: Corinne Kested (Eagle Mountain)

Award of Merit: Phoebe Calderon (High Country), Addison Grady (Greenfield), Lauren Schaefer (Willow Creek) and Logan Torres (Comanche Springs)

Honorable Mention: Jasmyn King (Elkins), Emma Reedor (Dozier), Sorsha Swaim (Saginaw) and Maria Zenteno (Bryson)


Primary Literature

Award of Excellence: Lucas Grams (Dozier)

Award of Merit: Lydia Kested (Eagle Mountain) and Kinley Seekins (Greenfield)


Intermediate Dance

Award of Excellence: Keeley DeCorte (Eagle Mountain)

Award of Merit: Catherine Villarreal (Dozier)


Primary Dance Choreography

Award of Excellence: Kynley Cole (Dozier)

Award of Merit: Allyson Aguilar (Comanche Springs) and Isaac Seekins (Greenfield)


Congratulations to all the winners. We are #EMSproud of you!