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Celebrate School Nurses May 6 

Nurses in a row  Nurses  Nurses
Pictured from left, nurses receive training and attend workshops throughout the year.

Join the district in celebrating National School Nurses Day on May 6. EMS ISD is proud to honor our 28 school nurses and nine nurse aides who collectively serve more than 23,000 staff and students. This year, district health care staff are working hard to meet the needs of others during the extended closure. 

“Our nurses are simply exceptional,” said Hollie Smith, district Health Services coordinator. “They don’t need a clinic to do their job. They continue to support our students and staff daily.” 

This proactive group has initiated measures to help EMS ISD students and staff remain safe in emergency health situations. Campus nurses are all RNs, and have completed Project Adam training, which establishes procedures when someone suffers from sudden cardiac arrest. All Health Services staff have completed Stop the Bleed training so they are ready to intervene effectively if life-threatening bleeding should occur. Also, EMS ISD is one of few districts with an EpiPen program. 

This year, nurses serve as a resource for campuses regarding COVID-19 by keeping up with the latest CDC guidelines, attending webinars, and persistently promoting hand washing. Nurses are also reaching students and staff by serving as guest speakers in virtual class meetings and hosting virtual exercise classes for staff.  

Additionally, health care staff is preparing for students’ return to campuses by advising campus and district leaders about health-conscious practices to minimize exposure, coordinating with facility and operations personnel on best practices for cleaning and disinfecting, and serving as local experts on health and safety. As the district looks to the 2020-2021 school year, EMS school nurses also are completing professional development courses on adverse childhood events and how they affect health.  

“We know that COVID 19 is causing a lot of stress for our students, and we are preparing to take care of them when they return to campus,” Smith added. 

EMS ISD school nurses received a special honor this week from Saginaw Mayor Todd Flippo, who read a proclamation on Tuesday through Facebook Live declaring May 6-12 as Nurses Week. EMS invites our community to continue to honor our hard-working nursing staff on social media using #ThankANurse in their posts. 

Thank you to the EMS ISD school nurses for all they do to care for our students and staff. We are #EMSproud of you!