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EMS Celebrates National Principals Month

National Principals Month #ThankAPrincipal and images of principals and EMS ISD, NASSP, NAESP, and AFSA logos

Join EMS ISD in celebrating National Principals Month. These campus leaders make a significant impact on the success and well-being of students. When COVID-19 unleashed new challenges, EMS ISD principals came through when it mattered most. Students, families, and the community can celebrate the District’s 28 principals by thanking them on social media using the hashtags #ThankAPrincipal#EMSproud, and #EMScommUNITY. Or consider sending them a note of appreciation. 

  • Nika Davis, Boswell High School  
  • Winston McCowan, Chisholm Trail High School  
  • Dr. Cynthia Webber, Saginaw High School  
  • Melanie Stitt, Watson High School & Alternative Discipline Center 
  • Dana Eldredge, Hollenstein Career & Tech Center 
  • Anthe Anagnostis, Creekview Middle School 
  • Brian Booker, Ed Willkie Middle School 
  • David Coker, Highland Middle School 
  • Ron Gatlin, Marine Creek Middle School 
  • Dr. Anna King, Prairie Vista Middle School 
  • John Fahey, Wayside Middle School 
  • Jennifer Gillard, Bryson Elementary 
  • Krystle Green, Chisholm Ridge Elementary 
  • Melissa Davis, Comanche Springs Elementary 
  • Amber Beene, Copper Creek Elementary 
  • Rachel Bradley, Dozier Elementary 
  • Jason Beaty, Eagle Mountain Elementary 
  • RandiAnn Cowden, Elkins Elementary 
  • Christy Fehler, Gililland Elementary 
  • Kelly Ramsey, Greenfield Elementary 
  • Beth Sanders, High Country Elementary 
  • Dr. Audrey Arnold, Lake Pointe Elementary 
  • Maggie Highlen, Northbrook Elementary 
  • Mindy Miller, Parkview Elementary 
  • Dr. Chaney Curran, Remington Point Elementary 
  • Melissa Curtis, Saginaw Elementary 
  • Stacie Witt, Willow Creek Elementary 
  • Stacey DeHoyos, Hafley Development Center