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Boswell theatre junior named semi-finalist in Circle Theatre Playwriting Project

Madisen Berrera wears a face masks and poses with her trophy outside of Circle Theatre.

Boswell High School theatre student, junior Madisen Berrera, was named a semi-finalist for her play, "Weeping Well," in Circle Theatre's annual High School Playwriting Project. 

The contest started with high school students entering 10-minute scripts to be evaluated by an experienced panel of theatre peers. The judges read the anonymously-submitted plays and added up the scores to determine the top 20 plays. 

"I am so very proud of Madisen," said Melissa Benton Wallis, Boswell theatre teacher. "This was her first playwriting experience. Her play is sweet and hopeful–very much like Madisen. I am very grateful to Circle Theatre for the opportunity." 

The plays were then sent to Texas Wesleyan University's Theatre Department for evaulations and the top eight plays were selected with four being finalist and four being semi-finalists. Trophies and cash awards were given to finalists and semi-finalists. 

We are #EMSproud of Madisen!