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Campus Honored for Acts of Kindness

This video shows students at Elkins Elementary spreading kindess to others by saying hello and sharing uplifting notes.

Elkins Elementary School students and staff were recently recognized for their acts of kindness during Start with Hello Week held September 21 –25. The campus won a $250 grant to use towards future Start with Hello initiatives. Elkins Elementary was one of eight schools to be recognized nationwide. 

During the week, Elks gave out sticky notes with positive messages and wrote notes of appreciation to custodial staff. They also created cheerful welcome committees, tested out new ways to say hello, and learned new ways to connect to others on the playground. Their acts of kindness were captured in this #StartWithHello video.  

The awards program is sponsored by the Sandy Hook Promise (SHP), a leading youth violence prevention organization, launched the awards in tandem with the larger Start with Hello Week national campaign to recognize school efforts to prevent bullying and violence. 

Congratulations Elkins Elementary! We are #EMSproud! 

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