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Board of Trustees Approve Revision to District Mask Protocols

Updated Wednesday, March 31, 2021

On Monday, March 29, in their first regularly scheduled meeting since the Gov. Greg Abbott lifted the statewide mask order, the EMS ISD Board of Trustees discussed and unanimously approved revisions to the district mask protocols. The health and safety of EMS ISD staff and students remain the top priority, and no changes were made to the district’s existing COVID-19 protocols implemented for the instructional day. This means that all requirements for masks and social distancing will continue as they have been during classes and other activities within the instructional day.

For the purposes of the mask requirement, the instructional day:

  • begins when a child boards school district transportation or enters school district property; and,
  • ends after the last regularly scheduled event, such as the YMCA after-school program, parent-teacher conferences, tutorials, athletic/fine arts practices, or attendance make-up, or after a child disembarks school district transportation.

The revised, Board-approved protocols state that all those who attend events outside the instructional day are exempt from the district COVID-19 mask protocols with the exception of band, choir, and theater participants, who must continue wearing masks. This is due to the aerosol effect produced while participating in these performance programs. Spectators at band, choir, and theater events outside the school day are not required to wear masks but are asked to continue following social distancing protocols when possible.

Additional details are as follows:

  • All evening events and weekend events, such as those affiliated with athletics, fine-arts, and other campus-based programming are considered outside of the instructional day.
    Events not tied specifically to the instructional day and/or may extend into the evening, such as an athletic tournament or track meet, would be considered outside of the instructional day.
  • Students and spectators visiting non-EMS ISD property for school events should follow the COVID protocols for the hosting venue.

While this revision to the mask protocols for outside the instructional day on EMS ISD campuses is a step toward a return to normalcy, measures to minimize the spread of illness through social distancing, frequent hand washing, and other personal health protections will remain in place. Participants and guests are welcome to continue wearing a mask while attending our EMS ISD events if they choose.

District staff is working to update websites, signage, and other resources to reflect the revised mask protocols as soon as possible and we appreciate your patience. Additionally, staff is in the process of developing a Frequently Asked Questions document on the website to address mask protocol details. Questions regarding specific situations will continue to arise and we will work to respond as quickly as possible. Please check the COVID-19 Information Center on the EMS ISD website regularly for updates. Questions also can be submitted directly to district leaders through the COVID-19 Information tab in our online Let’s Talk! system.

NEW! Finally, view FAQs located inside the COVID-19 Information Center.