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Active Fort Worth Artist, Art Teacher Amy Jenkins Work Displayed Downtown

Published Thursday, September 16, 2021

Amy Jenkins stands next to her artwork artwork of downtown Fort Worth in in pink and green artwork of downtown Fort Worth
Pictured at left, Boswell High School teacher Amy Jenkins stands next to her artwork displayed  at Studio 101’s POP Art Show in Fort Worth. Pictured middle and right are original pieces created by Jenkins through New Normal Grant funding. The works will be permanantly displayed in Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth.

Amy JenkinsBoswell High School art teacher Amy Jenkins practices what she teaches. The 17-year veteran educator currently has works displayed in California, downtown Fort Worth, and now she’s working with Fort Worth’s Sundance Square to develop murals and postcards as a result of her being named a New Normal grant recipient. 

As a working artist and educator, Jenkins is showing her students that a career in art is rewarding.  

“Students see through my example that a visual arts career is not impractical, or that they will be a ‘starving artist’ if they study visual arts further,” Jenkins said. “Having passion for art making is a life-enriching gift, and it is a bonus if other people want to purchase your work.”  

The Fort Worth native developed her artistic skills beginning in kindergarten with the help of public school educators. Now in the classroom herself, Jenkins continues to encourage her students to develop their skills.  

“I help my students do exactly what my teachers did for me: build a skillful body of work. I include in my lessons everything I wish knew sooner or misunderstood, too,” she said. 

One of her most rewarding experiences as an EMS ISD teacher include working alongside fellow educators who are also active artists. She also is proud to help multiple students build a portfolio through the AP art program so they can continue their studies at a university level. 

“Art made it possible for me to go to two universities on art scholarships,” Jenkins said. “Art makes a path for many students.” 

Jenkins teaches Art 1, Advanced Art 1, Art 2 Drawing, Advanced Art 2 Drawing, Advanced Art 3 Drawing, Art 4 AP Studio Drawing, 2D Art and Design, 3D Art and Design, Art 2 Sculpture, and Advanced Art 3 Sculpture.  

She holds a bachelor’s degree From Texas Wesleyan University, a master’s degree in fine arts from Boston University and held a residency at the Vermont Studio Center. This is her 14th year at Boswell High School.  

We are #EMSproud of you, Amy!