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EMS Education Foundation Senior Scholarship Application is NOW OPEN!

Deadline to submit is February 21, 2023!


The EMS Education Foundation scholarship application has been streamlined into one singular application (utilizing the Kaleidoscope platform) that can qualify you for over 100 local scholarships. These include memorial scholarships, PTO and PTA scholarships, local business scholarships and many more! Scholarships generally range from $500 to $1,000 each. The criteria for selecting winners varies from scholarship to scholarship. Some scholarships are awarded based upon grades and test scores, some are considered for extra-curricular activities and citizenship, and some are based on the field of study. Please answer each question on the application with as much detail as possible.


EMS Education Foundation will be using the streamlined platform Kaleidoscope to complete applications. They can also be found on our website HERE or on Kaleidoscope HERE. Students will be able to see additional scholarship opportunities outside of the Education Foundation on Kaleidoscope. 


Students will also be required to submit two teacher recommendation forms within the application. When a student lists a teacher's information for a recommendation form, the student will be prompted to print a request letter. The teacher will also receive an invitational email from Kaleidoscope with instructions to complete the form on their site.  


Incomplete applications will not be considered. 


We have the below list of things that students can gather in advance of completing their application on our website:

  • Gather your 4-year class scheduling data (Skyward).
  • Collect extra-curricular, work and volunteer data to answer questions (hours and dates).
  • Be prepared to submit a list of notable accolades (awards from your high school years).
  • Have a parent/guardian available help you with answering the financial sections.
  • Practice writing essay answers to better understand what you want the reader to understand about yourself. Include your accolades, struggles, ambitions, and triumphs. Always have a second (or third) proofreader. Use complete thoughts and sentences and appropriate grammar. Be compelling and clear.
  • Select two (2) teachers to give a recommendation of you as a college-ready student and give them ample time to complete by the deadline (ask them now, today). Make sure the teacher knows you well and can speak to your strengths.

Kaleidoscope has an excellent HELP section should students or teachers have questions. The Education Foundation staff will also be available to help if necessary. See your school counselor for more details and any questions that you may have!