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Boswell High School Recognized on the AP Honor Roll

Boswell High School was named to the 2023 College Board AP Honor Roll in the Bronze category. Boswell High School also received the AP Access Award, demonstrating a clear and effective commitment to equitable access to advanced coursework. Of the 15,150 eligible schools, only 4,570 schools earned a place on the 2023 AP School Honor Roll. 

"This honor highlights the commitment and intentional actions of our teachers and administrators in supporting our student's success in advanced placement courses." said Director of College, Career and Military Readiness, John Fahey "It also reiterates our dedication to fostering a culture of excellence in advanced academics by equipping students with the necessary resources to achieve a high levels."

Recipients represent a broad range of high schools from across the United States and Canada. This includes private, public, and charter schools; large and small enrollments; rural and urban populations; and specialized high schools, along with generalized programs. In order for schools to be recognized on the AP School Honor Roll, they must meet each of the following criteria anchored in research-based relationships between AP and college outcomes:

  • College Culture: 40% or more of the graduating cohort took at least 1 AP Exam during high school.
  • College Credit: 25% or more of the graduating cohort scored a 3 or higher on at least 1 AP Exam during high school.
  • College Optimization: 2% or more of the graduating cohort took 5 or more AP Exams during high school. At least 1 of those exams was taken in 9th or 10th grade, so that students are spreading their AP experience across grades rather than feeling disproportionate pressure in any single year. 

According to the report, research shows students who take AP courses and exams are more likely to attend college and graduate on time. Students who enter four-year colleges with credit from AP accelerate their path to graduation and build confidence for college success. And even for those who don’t earn college credit, AP coursework provides early exposure to college-level work and contributes to a college-going school culture.

"AP represents an opportunity for students to challenge themselves, earn college credit and placement, and potentially boost their grade point averages." said Senior Vice President of AP & Instruction (College Board), Trevor Packer "These schools have shown that they can expand access to these college-level courses and still drive high performance - they represent the best of our AP Program." 

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