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Spur families,

We need your help at dismissal.  We have parents that are parking across the street and walking up to the Kinder and 3/4/5 door in order to pick up their child up.  This causes congestion at the doorway for our walkers and car pick up students.  This is a safety concern.  

Tomorrow if you walk up you will be asked to remain in a specified area so that you are away from the doors during dismissal.  It is okay if you want to continue to walk up and pick up, but it is imperative that you wait away from the doors so that other students can get to their assigned dismissal spots.  

Another way to alleviate the congestion at the door is for parents to remain in their cars and go through the pick up lineThis is the preferred and safer method for picking up your child.  You remain in the air conditioning and we deliver your child to your vehicle.  Sometimes going through the line can take a little longer but it is worth the time in order to ensure your child has a safe dismissal. 

Lastly, if you continue to park across the street you might consider waiting at the stop sign across the street.  You will need to make sure you let the teacher know that your child is a walker, but if you wait across the street your child will be walked over to you.  This also relieves congestion at our doors for parent pick up.

We are working very hard to ensure that all students get home safely. Please consider some alternate suggestions for picking up your child rather than waiting at the door.  We appreciate your help and support.


Mrs. Davis, Principal CSES