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Career Day Has Students Thinking About the Future

Cowboy holding up chaps with a horse and children watchingExcitement buzzed in and outside of Comanche Springs Elementary School as students went from station to station, learning from professionals about different career opportunities available here in our community. 

The school's annual career day brought professionals from 15 different career fields to the school and included a Department of Public Safety (DPS) helicopter, City of Saginaw Animal Services, Raider Express tractor-trailers, a nurse from Cook Children’s Hospital, a BNSF drone operator and the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Posse, among many others. 

“Career day usually evokes a multitude of reactions from students,” said Kelly Taylor, the school counselor who organized the event. “The presenters foster curiosity in learning, which allows the students to open up and build confidence and enthusiasm as they think about their futures with an open mind.” 

Students were encouraged to dress for a career they’re interested in, with many spending the day in police or fire uniforms, medical scrubs, A police officer and a student dressed like a police officerand even a chef’s hat.  

I think it’s important to invite different businesses from the community into the school because there are so many choices of different careers. The possibilities are endless,” said Steven Jackson with Lonestar Black Belt Academy. “It exposes students to careers they've never thought about or didn't know about.” 

That excites the students too, along with seeing different demonstrations, tools and vehicles involved in the different careers. 

“Today is a great day because I get to learn about jobs that I don’t know about,” said Maryan Hussein, a fifth grade student. “I really liked watching the helicopter land, and I didn’t know the train company used drones.” 

A favorite for many students were the animals that are an important part of many careers. From the horses with the sheriff’s posse, to the canine with the DPS Trooper or the Sit Means Sit dog instructors, to the rabbit brought by Russell Feed Store. 

Students petting a rabbit“The students have all of these opportunities available to them,” Madison Offerman with Russell Feed said. “It shows them what jobs are around in our community and what opportunities they'll have when they get older.” 

Many EMS ISD elementary schools hold similar events to the one at Comanche Springs. They are important, because the district is committed to ensuring all students are college, career or military ready when they graduate. 

“My favorite part of career day is watching our students’ reactions to the different presentations. Their faces can tell a story. When I see a student who is excited about a career, I know that I have accomplished something,” Taylor said. “When they are excited and engaged, they are more likely to A police officer and a student dressed as a police officerretain the information presented to them. They will be eager to participate, ask questions, and share their ideas. This enthusiasm helps create a positive learning environment that encourages collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.” 

We are thankful to all of the people who take time to visit EMS ISD elementary schools on a career day, including these businesses and people who spent time at Comanche Springs.

  • Crystal Allen, Author
  • Russell Connor, Author
  • BNSF Drone Division
  • Chick-fil-A
  • City of Saginaw Animal Services and Adoption
  • Cook Children's HospitalStudent in the front of a tractor-trailer
  • Eagle Mountain International Church
  • Firefighter
  • Lone Star Black Belt Academy
  • Raider Express
  • Russell Feed Store
  • Sit Means Sit Dog Instructors
  • Tarrant County Sheriff's Posse
  • Texas Department of Public Safety Helicopter
  • Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers & K-9A nurse with a student dressed as a nurse