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Six Watson High School Students Receive Diplomas in Inspirational Ceremony

Four graduates with their principalIn a heartwarming ceremony at the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD Board Room, six students from Watson High School proudly received their 2023 diplomas on the morning of August 10, 2023.  

The students gathered with their families, teachers, campus and district administrators and EMS ISD Board President Paige Ring and Board Vice President Dr. Marilyn Tolbert to celebrate not only their academic achievements but also their perseverance in overcoming obstacles to reach this milestone. 

“I didn’t feel like I could accomplish graduating high school while being pregnant and having to take care of a newborn and still having to go to school,” said Raney Monds, one of the graduates, as she held her baby son.  I can’t even put into words how I feel right now. It’s something that I’ve worked so hard for, and there have literally been tears through nine months. It was just really difficult, and I deserve to be here receiving my diploma today.”  

Watson High School Principal Melanie Stitt’s smile spread across her face as she spoke passionately about the students' resilience and dedication.  Woman holding a baby boy

"I’m just filled with pride, and it fills all the way up to my eyeballs,” Stitt said. “These students have worked very hard to receive the credit and pass the exams to earn their high school diploma today. I’m ecstatic."   

The families of the graduates erupted into applause as their loved ones stepped up to the podium. Each diploma presented by Stitt represented not just a piece of paper but a culmination of years of effort, dedication and sacrifice.  

Now, with diplomas in hand, these graduates are looking towards the future. 

“I did this for myself, my family and my future,” said graduate A'Ryan Taylor. “This is about my future. I’m going to use this as my foundation as I pursue my barber certification.” 

Graduate surrounded by two womenAs families gathered for pictures after the ceremony, the atmosphere in the room was filled with a sense of accomplishment and hope.  

Monds is heading to college to become a dental assistant, and while her son won’t remember this important day, she will make sure he knows all about it. 

“I’m going to tell him that I did this for him, through everything, no matter what,” Monds said. “It was such an accomplishment for me, and I did it, so no matter what circumstances he may encounter, he can graduate too.” 

Congratulations to the summer 2023 Watson High School graduates, Jack Dillon, Alyssa Hernandez, LaJordan Fusilier, Emily Ramirez, Raney Monds, and A’Ryan Taylor. We are #EMSproud of you. 

Graduate surrounded by family Graduate surrounded by family Graduate surrounded by teachers