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EMS ISD Discovery Labs Named in Honor of Longtime Science Teachers

Two of the most innovative science spaces in EMS ISD now bear the names of two longtime EMS ISD teachers with a passion for making students passionate about A group of peoplescience. 

During a heartfelt ceremony that was at times both emotionally moving and laugh out loud funny, the two EMS ISD Discovery Labs were dedicated in honor of Jane Weaver and David Prince. 

“The Discovery Labs Learning Center has two dedicated labs and tonight, we name these labs in honor of Mrs. Jane Weaver and Mr. David Prince, and we celebrate the legacy that laid the foundation for this facility and the vision that will take us into the future,” said Dr. Jim F. Chadwell, EMS ISD Superintendent. 

A woman holding a fence postThe ceremony included testimonials from a former coworker and a former student of Weaver’s, and former students and a current student of Prince's. 

The honorees also addressed the crowd of family, friends, EMS ISD board members, representatives from building architects VLK and building construction company Pogue, and those impacted through decades of their teaching. 

Weaver commanded the event space inside the EMS ISD Administration Building much like she did her classroom at Gililland Elementary School, teaching a lesson and encouraging those in attendance to keep their curiosity and continue learning. 

"What I did and what David does is we take a fact and build on it,” Weaver said. “This is like a pebble being dropped in a pond, and it just goes on and on and on.”  

Prince, who teaches at Wayside Middle School, was humbled by the recognition. 

“The chance for students to experience outdoor learning is invaluable,” Prince said. “Kids need to learn and discover the world around them, and I really appreciate working for a district that recognizes and supports this.” 

Following the ceremony that also included remarks from EMS ISD School Board President Paige Ring and deputy superintendent Dr. Dana Barnes, the crowd moved into A group of people standing against a wallthe Discovery Labs area, where the plaques bearing the honorees' pictures and information were unveiled to cheers and smiles. 

“These discovery labs are a testament to the recognition of the need for our students to experience learning in the natural setting. I applaud our leadership for their insight and support of our kids, and the opportunities for discovery these labs will provide for years to come,” Prince said. 

The Discovery Labs Learning Center is a state-of-the-art facility that provides EMS ISD students with the opportunity to learn about science through hands-on experiences. The labs open out to Marine Creek, Marine Creek Lake, and more than 20 acres of surrounding woodlands and prairies. Students can explore this natural area and bring their scientific samples back to the discovery labs for further analysis.  

Jane Weaver  

Jane Weaver began working for Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD in 1988 as a science teacher at L.A. Gililland Elementary School, where she served until her retirement in 2013. Weaver was a strong proponent of the outdoor classroom with her Prairie 

Project at Gililland. She often would walk her students over to open prairie land in Blue Mound to bring her science lessons to life in real-world environments. 

While science was her passion, her heart was for the well-being of her students. She was known for making strong connections with her students and their families and would make sure her students’ needs were met outside the classroom so they could focus on their learning. She also collected a variety of miscellaneous objects, so she always had just what she needed to conduct her science lessons. 

Her engaging teaching style, coupled with her care and concern for her students and their families, created the conditions for even the most struggling students to find success in her science classes. Science scores rose significantly and parent engagement increased during her 25-year tenure. Through her passion for teaching and love for helping children succeed, Weaver had a significant impact on the lives of many EMS ISD students. 


David Prince  

David Prince began working for Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD in 1980 as a sixth-grade science teacher at Wayside Middle School. During his four-decade tenure, he has taught in grades fourth to sixth. No matter the classroom or grade level, he brings science to life for generations of students. 

The names David Prince and Camp Goddard are synonymous throughout the District and community. Prince’s love for sharing outdoor education with his students led to an invitation by Mrs. Jane Weaver to become involved in the Prairie Project, joining her in conducting a week-long day camp at the Prairie Project each summer. He also was one of seven teachers who made the inaugural weeklong trip with sixth-grade students to the outdoor science camp in Sulphur, Oklahoma, in 1983. He continued making this trip with students each year and supporting other teachers from middle schools around EMS ISD. 

Prince was on the original curriculum writing team for the Camp Goddard experience and continued to rewrite and update the curriculum through the years to align with new standards and expectations for students. While at Bryson Elementary, Prince pioneered an overnight outdoor education experience with 5th graders at Camp Carter. 

Fueled by a love of teaching, Prince’s passion has always been about the people, especially his students. From planning engaging lessons to building positive relationships, Prince is known for supporting his middle schoolers to grow not only academically, but also as positive and contributing members of their school community. He models this responsibility himself by actively searching for ways to make a positive impact for his students, his campus, and his district. A true servant leader, Prince is recognized for giving his time, energy, and love to doing whatever it takes for the betterment of his students.