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Greenfield Elementary's Blessings Box Provides to Those in Need

Student donates to Blessings Box  Blessings Box
At left, a child donates to the Greenfield Elementary Blessings Box. The Box is located at the front of the campus; drop of donations any time.

“Take what you need; give what you can.”  

This simple message hangs on a sign at Greenfield Elementary School’s Blessings Box, a storage closet filled with food and school supplies. 

The Blessings Box sits just outside the campus’ front doors and is open to anyone day or night. Students, staff, and the community are working together to supply the closet during the coronavirus outbreak. 

“We’ve seen students beam with pride as they fill the box with items from their own homes,” said Assistant Principal Terrilin Holz. “Our students feel like they are being taken care of and are able to help take care of others. Parents are extremely thankful for the thoughtfulness and generosity.” 

Previously, campus leaders provided supplies to families one day a week during extended distance learning. However, families needed more. Drawing inspiration from other campuses that initiated similar projects, the Blessings Box was created. 

“We thought it was a fantastic idea for our community and solved a need we had seen,” said  principal Kelly Ramsey.  

Those interested in donating can drop off items including toilet paper, baby wipes, baby formula, dry goods, box meals and canned goods. Campus leaders plan to keep the Blessings Box open for the duration of the coronavirus outbreak.

"We are supporting each other in a time where there are so many needs; it’s a simple way to give back,” said Ramsey. “We are all in this together.”