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EMS ISD to offer Breakfast in a Bag option

Breakfast option Cinnamon Chex, apple and fruit For those hectic mornings when the bus is running late or the kids are slow getting out of the door, Eagle Mountain-Saginaw schools will offer a quick, healthy breakfast solution beginning next school year.


“Breakfast in a Bag” will be available at all elementary school campuses for students arriving in the last few minutes before the school day begins.


All EMS ISD schools currently offer breakfast options for students. With elementary campuses starting 5 minutes earlier {hyperlink to story} next year – 7:30 for elementary schools – principals and district administrators wanted to ensure that our students still had the opportunity to eat a healthy breakfast before classes began.


“Students need fuel in the morning,” said Lisa Dunn, EMS ISD Executive Director of Elementary Services. “Those who have breakfast are more attentive and able to focus better on their learning.”


Aaron Wylie, Director of Child Nutrition, said that cafeteria lines will offer Breakfast in a Bag as a last-minute option when there's no time for a hot meal. Breakfast in a Bag will have a piece of fruit and milk and include options like cereal, a sausage roll, or a muffin top and yogurt. Cereal will be offered daily while other quick meals will be available on a rotating basis.


This grab-and-go option will be available at elementary schools. Although middle school start times also are adjusting morning start times by 5 minutes, the start time will remain later than elementary - 8:20 am - and regular breakfast offerings will continue to be offered as they are currently. High school start times and breakfast offerings are not changing for 2018-19.


“Breakfast in a Bag will be a great addition for our elementary students because they can grab it and eat it 'on the go' at the beginning of the day and still not miss any instructional time,” Wylie said. The normal hot meals will continue to be served up until a few minutes before classes start.


The cost for any breakfast will remain $1.35 per child, the same price as this year. Currently, about 2,700 students (60 percent elementary age) get breakfast at school each day.


Dunn said that the program is a “win-win” for all involved – busy families have a quick, affordable option, children have the energy to learn, teachers benefit from more attentive students, and Child Nutrition Services can increase participation rates.


“This is a great example of district collaboration to ensure the needs of our students continue to be met,” Dunn said. “Expanding our morning offerings to include Breakfast in a Bag ensures every elementary child has the opportunity of a healthy breakfast, which will better prepare them to have a great day of learning and engagement at school.”