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EMS ISD cadets earn honors at summer JROTC Leadership Camps



Ten EMS ISD cadets volunteered to start their vacation with 5 am workouts as part of the JROTC Leadership Camps held at Howard Payne University. Along with early morning workouts, the Cadet Leadership Camp (CLC) and Cadet Staff Leadership Camp (CSLC) use “boot camp-like” training techniques to prepare cadets to lead their respective programs when they come back to school in the fall. CLC focuses on front-line leadership while CSLC is geared toward rising seniors who will be responsible for managing their entire cadet corps.


With every challenge, the EMS ISD cadets represented TX-20105 and all three high schools with each cadet finishing in the top 50 percent of their respective camps. Along with a slew of awards for contributing to top flights (teams) in academics, inspections, marching and sports; four out of the 10 cadets also earned individual honors. This set a unit record for the most distinguished/honor graduates from one summer of training. Congratulations to all of these future EMS leaders!


Cadet Leadership Camp Graduates

  • Taylor Dorozynski (Chisholm Trail, junior)
  • Erika Garcia (Boswell, sophomore)
  • James Ivey (Saginaw, junior) - Distinguished Graduate (Top 10 percent)
  • Savannah Miller (Saginaw, junior) - Distinguished Graduate
  • Rut Sosa (Saginaw, junior)
  • Diego Yaw (Boswell, sophomore) - Honor Graduate (#1 cadet out of 200+ & $1,000 Howard Payne Scholarship)



Cadet Staff Leadership Camp Graduates

  • Raelina Figueroa (Saginaw, senior)
  • Christian Haltom (Boswell, junior)
  • Kesh Rankin (Boswell, junior)
  • Tylor Underwood (Chisholm Trail, senior) - Distinguished Graduate (Top 10 percent)