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New attendance zones for Marine Creek Middle School

As our area continues to grow and more families are choosing to move into the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD community, our school district must find ways to accommodate for short-term and long-term enrollment projections. One of the ways to address growth is by building new schools and, in fall of 2019, EMS ISD will open its sixth middle school, Marine Creek Middle School. The newest middle school campus will help alleviate crowding at middle schools across the district. The attendance zone adjustments for the 2019-2020 school year pertain specifically to families at Creekview, Ed Willkie, Prairie Vista and Wayside middle schools; Highland Middle School is not being affected.

We are pleased to provide the following lists of addresses to assist you in finding your assigned middle school for the 2019-2020 school year. These are large files and we do not recommend opening them on a mobile device. The two files offer the same information, but they are sorted differently for your convenience. To find your street address quickly, press ctrl + F (command + F on a Mac) on your keyboard and type your house number and street name in the pop-up search box.


2019-2020 Middle School Attendance Zones - Sorted by Current Middle School (Select this file to view addresses grouped by current middle school to determine your 2019 middle school.)


2019-2020 Middle School Attendance Zones - Sorted by House Number (Select this file to view addresses sorted in numerical order by house number.)


For more information about the attendance zone modification process, frequently asked questions, or to find attendance zones for our elementary and high schools, click here.

A section dedicated to the middle school attendance zone modification has been created in our Let's Talk online communications system and we welcome your questions. Please submit your question anytime, from anywhere, using Let's Talk