• School Times

    Doors Open at 7:05

    First Bell 7:25

    School Start Time/Tardy Bell 7:30

    Dismissal Bell 2:50

    Lunch Schedules

    Pre-K: 10:15-10:45

    Kindergarten: 10:35-11:05

    1st Grade: 11:10-11:40

    2nd Grade: 11:45-12:15

    3rd Grade: 12:20-12:50

    4th Grade: 12:55-1:25

    5th Grade: 10:00-10:30

  • Student Absence

    A student's parent or guardian should call the school and inform the office staff of an absence. A written note should be sent with the child when he/she returns to school. Students who arrive at school later in the day after a medical appointment should bring a note from the doctor's office so that it will be recorded as such rather than as an absence.

    Absence Work

    On those occasions when your child must be absent from school, contact the child’s teacher and request the work that can be completed. The teacher can also provide work that you can pick up at the school. Requests should be made before noon. If paper copies are required, the work can be placed in the office to be picked up by a parent or guardian after 2:00, or it can be sent home with a sibling in attendance.

    Daily Schedule

    The school day at Chisholm Ridge begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 2:50 p.m. All students report to their classrooms. MUST be within their educational setting (classrooms) when the 7:30 a.m. bell rings or they are counted tardy.

    Safety Concern - Please do not leave your child unattended on school grounds prior to staff coming on duty at 7:05 am each morning!

    Your child's presence is so important! The students will be counted tardy if they are not in their classroom ready to learn at 7:30 am.

    Lunch Schedule

    Each grade level is assigned a 30-minute lunch period. Parents are welcome to join their student for lunch. Parents are welcome to join their student for lunch. Parents/Guardians must check in the main office with an approved form of ID before joining the child on the stage to enjoy lunch. Other students are not permitted to join the parent and student during this time. Other family members must be designated in writing by parent for permission to join their student for lunch. Due to food allergies, students are not allowed to share food with other students. Parents may only provide lunch to their child. Please help us enforce this policy for all students’ safety.

    **Families can begin visiting during lunch the week of September 11**

    Teacher Conference Schedules

    Please see each grade-level team webpage for their conference times. To arrange a conference call or email your child's teacher and a time and date to meet will be set.

    CRE Arrival Procedures

    We have a single drop-off lane located in front of our building. Staff will guide parents/guardians through the sing line, so it is important for all cars to pull up as far as possible. The single lan system has been developed to ensure all our students are safe arriving to school. 

    Parents will drive through the drop-off lane between the crosswalks. Students will be able to exit vehicles from the passenger side of the vehicle with backpack in hand ready to go.

    ***For safety, parent/guardians must remain in the vehicle. Parents/Guardians who need to exit the vehicle to take students out of safety seats, visit the office, etc. should park in the parking lot.

    Students can enter through Door 1, Door 3, Door 4 between 7:05-7:30 a.m. After the tardy bell, only Door 1 will remain open for students to enter.

    Students who choose to get breakfast from the cafeteria must enter through Door 1. All Pre-K students must enter through Door 4.

    Remember, no cell phones in use while operating a vehicle during arrival or dismissal (State Law). Thanks you for keeping us all safe.

    CRE Methods of Dismissal

    Instructional Time ends at 2:50. All students will leave the building at approximately 2:55 where a teacher will escort them to the correct dismissal location. Parents should expect to see students outside for dismissal after 2:55pm. If a student is still here after 3:05 pm or after all cars have gone through the driveway, they will be escorted to the main office area where parents will have to come to the office to sign the students out with proper identification.

    If your child will be going home in a different way than normal, please notify the school by 2:15 pm that day with updates to your child’s dismissal. Early dismissal for scholars ends at 2:15 pm to ensure we have appropriate time to implement a safe and secure dismissal process for all students. If you need to check your student out after 2:15 pm, you can obtain prior approval from an administrator.

    In an effort to clarify dismissal processes, we have defined specific methods of release.

    Bus Riders - students who ride the bus home or to daycare. Bus riders will be dismissed with a staff member and escorted to their appropriate bus.

    YMCA - students who attend after-school program. YMCA students will be dismissed to the cafeteria.

    Bike Riders - students who rides their bike home unaccompanied by a parent/guardian. Bike riders will be dismissed to the Fine Arts hallway. A staff member will escort them outside and assist with their bikes at approximately 2:55pm. They will continue to the crosswalks with a crossing guard.

    Walkers - students who walk home unaccompanied by a parent/guardian. Walkers will be dismissed to a dismissal meet-up point at 2:50. After all walkers have been accounted for and checked in (and reunited with siblings), they will be escorted by a staff member to the crosswalk to walk home by approximately 2:55 pm. Please talk to your child about being responsible walkers (go home immediately, talk to parent/guardian about visiting friends ahead of time, walking in a group, etc.). Parents are welcome to meet up with their child at the crosswalks at Lindstrom/Running River or Marlow/Fleetwing or Marlow/Running River.

    Car Riders- Parents will drive through the parent pick-up double lanes and freeze between the crosswalks. Students will be loaded once all cars are frozen. Parents who are driving to pick up their children must have their school-issued dismissal cards visible in the front dash window.

    Staff will load student(s) into the vehicle. To help this process, please have your passenger-side car door unlocked and clear for entry. For safety, please remain in your vehicle. Your child will be brought to you once you are in the student loading zone.

    *** Please adhere to all safety measures in the car driveway (drive slowly and follow speed zone signs, avoid cutting cars off, refrain from cell phone use while driving, watch out for pedestrians, use crosswalks)

    *** For security, please be sure to have your dismissal cards with you when picking up your student. Parents without a dismissal card will need to go to the front office with their ID to verify their identify and pick up their child. If you need a new dismissal card, please contact the front office to receive one.

    Pre-K Car Pick-Up - Parents will drive through the back lot and park in a parking space at the back of the school (Bus Loading Zone) at 2:30pm. Parents will find a parking space and walk to Door #6 with the dismissal tag to pick up their child from the classroom teachers. Pre-K pick-up will take place from 2:30pm-2:45pm to ensure the safety of our families before buses drive through. Pre-K students are the only students who will dismiss from this location.

    *Pre-K siblings must be released to an adult caregiver; therefore, Pre-K students do not ride the school bus or are allowed to walk home alone or with their siblings.

    Student Expectations

    Students are encouraged to Live the R.I.D.G.E. Way. When we respect ourselves and others, live with integrity, dedicate our lives to doing our best, have grit, never give up, and always strive to be the best version of ourselves, we are living the R.I.D.G.E. Way. Students will learn valuable lessons during character development lessons by the classroom teacher and those provided in guidance with the counselor.

    Campus Discipline Plan

    In order to create a sense of continuity across grade levels and in the interest of fostering responsible students, we have developed a school-wide behavior management plan that teachers will follow with all students. Each teacher has discussed with their students the standards of behavior that will help to create a safe and productive learning environment for all. It is important for parents and guardians to understand the rules that students are expected to follow and to support teachers in their efforts to provide a consistent set of guidelines.

    Each student will have an individual Student Behavior Sheet maintained by the teacher in order to keep a complete record of positive and negative behaviors. All staff members will be expected to make note of any deviations from acceptable standards of behavior using a point system. Offenses will be noted by number and/or note on the individual Student Behavior Sheet. The Behavior Management Plan below outlines the types of behaviors that might be noted and the point system that will be used throughout the school.

    We believe that by consistently enforcing a school-wide policy of acceptable behavior to be demonstrated by each student, Chisholm Ridge Elementary will provide a safe and secure learning environment. As always, we appreciate your support and ask you to discuss acceptable school behavior with your child.

    Behavior Management Plan

    The R.I.D.G.E Way

    Examples of behaviors that are not “The R.I.D.G.E. Way” and the impact each has on a Wrangler’s conduct grade: 


    R1. Inappropriate language (-3) 

    R2. Obscene language or gestures (-6) 

    R3. Bothering other students that are on task (-2) 

    R4. Hands, feet, or objects are not under control (-2) 


    I5. Stealing or cheating (-6) 

    I6. Not telling the truth (-3) 

    I7.  to tell a lie (-6) 

    I8. Destroying another person’s property (-6) 

    I9. Running in the building (-3) 


    D10. Persistent misbehavior [more than three days in a row with the same issue in class] (-4) 

    D11. Not working well, alone or with others (-2) 

    D12. Interrupting the teacher (-2) 

    D13. Not following directions the first time (-1) 


    D14. No homework / folder / supplies (-2) 

    D15. Not staying focused on an assignment (-2) 


    E16. Did not turn in signed note (-2) 

    E17. Physical aggression (-6) 

    E18. Inappropriate restroom behavior (-3) 

    E19. Throwing objects (-3) 

    E20. Consistently talking after being told to work silently (-1) 

    E21. Unsafe play (-2) 

    E22. Not taking responsibility for choices (-2) 

    • Positive Behaviors that a Wrangler could earn points back from the teacher for demonstrating: 


    1. Helping the teacher without being asked 
    2. Using great manners 


    1. Admitting when you are wrong before being asked what happened 
    2. Being trustworthy 


    1. Cleaning up an area without being asked 
    2. Being prompt and ready to learn before others 


    1. Bouncing back after a bad time 
    2. Completing extra credit or corrections 


    1. Being an example for others to follow 
    2. Turning in “exemplary” work 

    Encouragement Strategies used by all staff: 

    Verbal praise - Individual rewards or incentives 

    Positive phone calls home - Happy notes and stickers 

    Intervention Strategies 

    Verbal or nonverbal redirection 

    Verbal warnings - Private conversation 

    Reteach the behavior using Stop and Think Sheet 

    Wait time, personal space, time to cool off 

    Removal from class 

    Office Referral 

    • Conduct Grade/Citizenship Scale

    90-100 E-Excellent

    80-89 S-Satisfactory

    70-79 N-Needs Improvement

    69 and below U-Unsatisfactory

    • Enrolling a Student/Registration

    When you come to enroll your child at Chisholm Ridge, please bring the following:

      • Student's Birth Certificate
      • Student's Social Security Card
      • Current Immunization Records
      • Proof of In-District Residency (electric bill, water bill, etc.)

    Click here for district health information such as immunizations.

    • Cell Phone Information

    The purpose of this letter is to outline the rules regarding the use of cell phones by children at Chisholm Ridge Elementary School. The use of cell phones by elementary students during the school day is prohibited. Any communication between the school and home during the school day must be made through the teacher.

    If you feel it is absolutely necessary for your child to bring a cell phone to school, we ask that you comply with the following guidelines:

    Cell phones must be kept in the students’ backpacks during the school day.

    Cell phones must remain off – placing the cell phone into silent/vibrate mode and text messaging is not considered “turned off."

    Cell phones may be used only after students have been dismissed and have exited the school building.

    The use of camera phones by children, for the purpose of taking pictures, is not permitted anywhere on school premises or on a school bus at any time.

    Teachers may request students to bring a device to class to use as reference materials or to access a website or app. Students may use their devices for these teacher-approved activities.

    Any student who violates the above rules is subject to:

      1. The first violation will result in a written warning by an administrator.
      2. All subsequent violations will result in a $15.00 recovery charge and parent notification.

    Parents shall be notified within two school days after the cell phone is confiscated. Parents may come to the office to obtain the release of the cell phone.

    Any disciplinary action will be in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. The school or the district will not be responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen phones.

    Violation of this policy during any state assessment (STAAR) prohibits an optimum testing environment and, therefore, may result in an invalid assessment. Use of a cell phone or any other unapproved electronic device during the administration of these tests will be regarded as cheating, and the student’s test will be invalidated with appropriate disciplinary action to follow.

    Please note: This letter also pertains to all other electronic devices including, but not limited to, iPods, iTouch, or iPads.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation regarding the use of cell phones and other electronic devices in school by our students.


    Birthdays are special! Student birthdays may be recognized in the classroom during the last 15 minutes of the school day; however, we do not hold birthday parties at school. Chisholm Ridge made the healthy shift from celebrating birthdays with cupcakes or sugary treats in the classroom to finding alternatives to celebrating with non-food items (pencils, erasers, etc.). Chisholm Ridge is Blue Zones® Project Approved and sugary treats or goodies are not the preferred option for birthday celebrations. However, parents/guardians may bring snacks or treats to share with classmates on their birthday. Due to food allergies, we encourage parents to only send unopened, store-bought items with the ingredient label showing, if food items are brought to school. Non-edible items are preferred! Please note that parents are under no obligation to send a favor. Birthday party invitations may be distributed during the last ten minutes of instruction, if every student in the class receives an invitation. Boys only or girls only parties are the exception. Due to severe allergies for students and staff, Balloons cannot be brought to the campus

    Family Access

    Parents and guardians can easily monitor student grades and attendance, along with many forms of information through the EMSISD Family Access portal. The Ridge Report, our family newsletter will be available to view in Family Access as well as via email. Be sure to update your contact information. For more information and how to sign up, click https://www.emsisd.com/Domain/78.


    We love our families! Security is of critical importance as well. If parents/guardians are required to come to the school for meetings or events, parents must sign in at the front office with a state issued I.D.


    All parents and teachers are encouraged to join PTA. Membership in PTA supports student programs and materials, as well as teacher and community support. Membership is $7 per person. Contact cre.pta.membership20@gmail.com to join.


    Staying involved at your student’s school is a wonderful way to promote a love of learning. Parents are encouraged to complete a background check each year so that they are can assist teachers. Parents can also chaperone field trips and serve on the Chisholm Ridge PTA. Even working parents can still participate and volunteer their skills or time. We will work with you to find a way that you can support your student by supporting your school. Please visit https://www.emsisd.com/Domain/96 for more information about volunteering.

    If you have any questions, please contact the campus principal, Krystle Green at 817-232-0715 or email kgreen@ems-isd.net.