• Parkview Elementary Nurse's Clinic
    Heather Christiansen, RN BSN
     Office Phone: 817-237-5121 x4311
    Fax: 817-237-5187
     Clinic Hours:  7:15am-3:15pm
     Lunch Break:  12:30-1:00pm
    School Nurse:
    I am here as a healthcare provider in the school setting.  I assess sick students, provide first aid for injuries, attend to emergencies, promote safety and wellness for students and staff, and maintain students' health and immunization records.  I value education and will encourage students to remain in school or class unless they have a communicable illness that prevents them from attending school per EMS ISD policy.
    Clinic Procedures:
    Except in the case of an emergency, students may visit the clinic only after obtaining a clinic pass from their teacher.  Students need to come to the clinic if feeling ill.
    Teachers are given a supply of band-aids and minor cuts and abrasions can be washed with soap and water, covered with a band-aid in class if a sink is available, or in the restroom.
    Clinic Rules:
    Students must have a pass - It is important that their teacher knows where they are and so they won't be marked unexcused from class.
    Medication Policy: 
    No medication of any type is to be carried by a student.  Any exception to this rule must be approved, documented in writing, and on file in the school clinic. Medication must be in a properly labeled container, with one medication per container, and must not be expired.  All asthmatic, diabetic and anaphylactic medication will be stored in the clinic.  All required paperwork must be completed and on file in the school clinic.  Forms can be obtained by the school nurse or on our district website and must be renewed annually.
    Medication Less than 7 days: 
    Prescription or nonprescription medications that need to be taken at school for 7 days or less, must be accompanied by a written permission, signed and dated by a parent or legal guardian.  You may download this form.  Please include time to be given and dosage.
    Medication More than 7 days:
    All prescription or nonprescription medications to be administered longer than 7 days must be accompanied by a written request signed and dated by the prescribing physician and the parent/guardian.  This allows the medication to remain in the clinic the entire school year and a new form must be done the next school year.  Medication prescribed or requested to be given 3 times a day or less a day will not be given unless a specific time during the school hours is prescribed or the school nurse determines that a special need exists for an individual student.
    24 Hour Communicable Illness Policy: 
    EMS ISD Administrative Regulation FFAD is in place to ensure the health and safety of all students and states that student who exhibit vomiting, diarrhea, or a fever 100 degrees or higher (Fahrenheit) must be excluded from school.  Re-admittance is allowable as follows:
    • Free of fever (greater than 100) for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication such as Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen.  Common trade names of products containing these medications include, but are not limited to, Tylenol, Motrin, or Advil.
    • All Aspirin-containing products should be avoided due to the possibility of Reyes syndrome.
    • Food and liquids have been tolerated for at least 24 hours without vomiting and/or diarrhea, and without the use of medication to relieve these symptoms.
    • Students diagnosed with a contagious illness that is being treated with prescription medication must complete a minimum of 24 hours of the prescribed medication dosage prior to returning to school.
    Students are required to maintain updated immunization records with the campus nurse.  Please remember to give the clinic a copy of any shots given outside of school so that we can update your record.  You will be notified if your child is due any upcoming immunizations.  It is your responsibility to get your child the vaccine and provide the clinic with a copy of the record by the date indicated.  We will be happy to assist you with information about area clinics.
    I encourage parents to call me for any questions or concerns.  Please update us on any new medical issues.
    Mission Statement for EMS ISD Health Services:
    To promote quality health services to each student by promoting safety, well-being, and health education.