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    Chisholm Trail High School Athletic Training Room Rules

    1.     Remove your shoes before entering the athletic training room for taping or treatment.

    2.     Cell phone use/texting is not permitted.

    3.     No food, drink, or tobacco products will be permitted in the athletic training room.


    5.     No athlete is to operate or help him/herself to any athletic training room equipment.

    6.     Do not remove supplies or equipment from the athletic training room without permission.

    7.     If you have a good reason for being in the athletic training room pertaining to treatment or injury, please be there.  Otherwise, the dressing room is where you should be.


    Ranger Athlete Guidelines for Getting Treatment/Care

    1.     All athletes who need taping or treatment should be present in the athletic training room 1 hour before report time for their sport.

    2.     It is each athlete’s responsibility to report every injury—no matter how trivial it may seem to you.  If you are not sure, get it evaluated to be sure.  Do not treat yourself; wait until an athletic training staff member can assist you.

    3.     Wait your turn.  Everyone has someplace to be but we cannot help everyone at once. Report to the athletic training room dressed in shorts or appropriate attire for treatment or taping. 

    4.     The athletic training staff will determine the need for taping based on the treatment program and daily care that each injury has received. 

    5.     Following the end of regularly scheduled practice, there will be a 45-minute post- practice treatment time.  All athletes should be showered before attending these treatments.

    6.     If the need should arise for medical care outside normal training room hours, all athletes should first contact their head coach or designated coaching staff member.

    7.     Athletes are responsible for all special equipment issued to them.  If it is not returned, you will be held accountable for its replacement. (Ex. Wraps, crutches, sleeves, splints, etc.)

    8.     Injuries that occur outside of the CTHS interscholastic athletic programs are not the responsibility of the CTHS athletic training staff to evaluate or treat.  Direction for care can certainly be recommended.  Club, weekend, and recreational activities are not considered part of the CTHS interscholastic athletic program.


    Daily Hours

    School Days:  AM Treatment 8:00-8:50
                       PM Treatment 4:30-5:30                                                     

    Professional Staff on duty during daily athletic periods.

    Holidays: By appointment