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    CTE Mission Statement: Career and Technical Education will provide each student with immediate work force or post-secondary training skills, empower students with opportunities to select a career path, and empower students with personal accountability, team work, technical training, work ethic and problem solving skills.
    CTE Programs Areas:
    • Agriculture Sciences-Animal Science
    • Architecture & Construction
    • Arts, AV Technology & Communication
    • Business Management & Administration
    • Education and Training
    • Financial Systems
    • Health Science
    • Hospitality & Tourism
    • Human Services
    • Information Technology
    • Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security
    • Manufacturing
    • Marketing, Sales, & Service
    • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
    • Transportation Distribution & Logistics 

    Frequently Asked Questions About HCTC 

    Who can take classes at HCTC?         

    EMSISD junior and senior students are eligible.

    When can I sign up for classes?            

    1. Students who are interested in the classes at HCTC need to select the classes at register during the month of February at CTHS.

    2. Students must also fill out a CTE enrollment request form.

    Where can I find the CTE Enrollment Request Form?

    The CTE enrollment request form can be requested at the College & Career Center during lunches.

    How will I know if I got into a class at the HCTC?

    We will contact you before school is out for the summer.

    Can I drive my car to the HCTC or do I have to ride the bus? 

    Students can drive their car as long as they have a signed parent permission slip on file along with proof of insurance. 

    If I ride the bus where does the bus pick-up for HCTC?

    The HCTC bus picks upon the East side of the building by the gymnasium entrance.

    Are there fees for the classes at the HCTC?

    Some of the programs at the HCTC have fees associated with the program for certification and uniform purposes.  A complete breakdown of fees will be provided at the time of acceptance.

     Contact Us

    Melissa Cordova, College & Career Specialist
    Chisholm Trail High School
    Hollenstein Career and Technology Center
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