• Private Lesson Opportunities

    "Don't be shy about asking for help.  It doesn't mean you are weak, it only means you are wise."

    Private Lessons are a FANTASTIC way to improve as a musician.

    Our highly qualified lesson staff gives 30 minutes one-on-one lessons to help each student.  Involvement in lessons has proven to increase performance level, & often, band/chair placement within the ensembles.

    Meet our lesson staff!

    Erich Tucker - Flute Erich@ErichTucker.com 817-907-8155
    Gabriela Salinas - Flute gabriela.d.salinas98@gmail.com 
    Chuck Herber - Clarinet cwherber@outlook.com 
    Melissa Bosma - Oboe melissabosmaoboe@gmail.com
    Tirzah Holland - Bassoon TKEH397@aol.com
    John Stevens - Saxophone johnjstevens@juno.com 571-277-8347
    Isaac Swanson - Trumpet isaac@isaacswanson.com 
    Micah Tompkins - French Horn tompy0904@gmail.com
    Marty Kobuck - Low Brass  martykobuck@gmail.com
    John Canfield - Tuba - johnmcanfield@sbcglobal.net
    Josh Gregory - Percussion - 
    Ryan Schlotterback - Percussion - 
    The EMS-ISD Private Lesson Rate is $19 per half-hour lesson.  Please consider doing joint lessons or see your director for financial assistance if necessary.