• Tri-M Music Honor Society

  • We meet as a chapter once a month Tuesdays at 4:30 in the Choir Room.

Tri-M Music Honor Society logo

    A Tri-M® Music Honor Society chapter offers students, grades 6 through 12, the chance to perform, places them in leadership positions, and gives them the opportunity to serve the community. It highlights the school’s music program, helps students grow in innumerable ways, and brightens their college applications.

    Our Tri-M® Music Honor Society chapter will give you countless opportunities to perform, lead, and serve the community. Not only will you learn accountability, responsibility, and other character-building social skills by performing music and running the chapter, but you’ll be able to put together an impressive record of achievements for college applications.

    For more information, service project ideas, and links to scholarships and resources visit the Tri-M Music Honor Society website.