• Injuries

    All injuries to athletes in the EMS ISD should be reported to the athletic trainers. Coaches should direct the parents to the athletic trainers for suggestions on medical referrals and questions regarding injuries. Coaches should refrain from offering their opinion on what their assessment of the injury might be in order to encourage the athlete to visit the athlete training room.

    Every athlete that seeks medical attention from an outside healthcare provider must have a written release that states they are able to participate in athletics. This note must be given to the athletic trainers and kept in their health file. The athlete must furnish a note even if the medical condition was not related to EMS ISD athletics.
    The athletic training room is open for athletes to receive treatment for injuries that occurred during UIL or school sanctioned games, practices, or off season work outs. Injuries received during club, weekend, and recreational activities are not part of the EMS ISD interscholastic athletic program.
    Students who are injured during non-interscholastic or outer school activities must be seen by a physician prior to requesting treatment for their injuries in the athletic training room.
    Any student that has been injured in a motor vehicle accident should present a note prior to receiving any treatment in the athletic training room.
    Coaches should refrain from discussing an athlete’s injury in any significant detail with the media, other parents, and their team. This is a violation of the HIPAA Privacy Laws.


    Injured athletes are expected to attend scheduled treatment times.
    Coaches should not tell the athletes what treatments they are to receive. The athletic trainer will determine what treatment is appropriate.

    Athletic Taping Policy

    The Athletic Trainer will determine which athletes will be taped prior to practice or games.
    All athletes will not be taped for each practice and game.
    Rehabilitation and strengthening exercises are required prior to any athlete being taped.