• High Country Elementary Library Policy

    Circulation Policies

    In order to promote responsibility and enhance literary skills, all students will be able to check out books from the school library. The number of books checked out at a time varies by grade and the loan period is one week.


    • Check out one book from a designated “kinder case” which contains books that the librarian selects. In the spring students are taught how to choose books from the Everybody section.

    1st grade-

    • Checks out one book at the beginning of the year. The book has to be from the Everybody section and a good fit for them. When students come back from Winter break they will be allowed to check out 2 books as long as they have demonstrated safe book care. One book will need to be a good fit and the other can be their choice.

    2nd-5th grades-

    • Allowed to check out two books regularly. They can check out three books the week before a long break.

    • 3rd-5th are allowed to check out magazines.

    • 4th-5th are allowed to check out play-a-ways with a signed permission form.


    Students are allowed to renew a book two times, for a total of three weeks. The book must be present to renew.

    Overdue books-

    If a book is not returned or renewed on time, only one other book may be checked out until overdue book is returned or renewed. 

    If a book is lost or damaged, only one other book may be checked out until book is returned or paid for. 

    If a student has total of two books checked-out that are lost, overdue, or damaged; then no other books may be checked out until one of the books is returned or paid for. 




     Students are charged a fine if the book is damaged and must be repaired or is severely damaged or lost and must be replaced. If students have a fine it will affect the number of books they can check out. Fines must be paid by the end of the school year in order to receive the students’ report card. Please see the Fine schedule below.



    Please remember High Country is a cash only campus. Thank you!